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  • Dr Coleman,
    Dr Philip has given me your contact information in order to better understand the benefits of studying at Trinity School of Apologetics and Theology. Can you explain how Trinity has benefited you both personally and professionally? thank you and God bless, Ben Jenkins
  • Ben, Why do you wish to know? Are you contemplating the ministry? Dr. Coleman

  • Dr Coleman,
    Yes. At least I want to be the best Lay-minister I can be. I don’t feel the call of ministry strongly enough to go full-time. I live in Dallas where we have DTS, Southwestern Baptist and Tyndale. So, there are great schools here but I like the idea of a school like Trinity. Just a bit skeptical. Currently, I teach an Adult Bible Fellowship. I also enjoy personal evangelism and believe a degree with an Apologetic emphasis could be valuable for practical purposes. Thanks, Ben


You are to be commended for desiring to learn. You will learn so much. The more you learn the deeper in peace, love, and joy you will find yourself. May God oversee your spiritual journey. He is pointing you to Trinity School, Ben.

The program at Trinity will provide for you the insight to recognize false teaching concerning Christianity and give you the tools, intellectually and spiritually, to rebut that teaching. I have used what I learned from Trinity to do just that. Also, you will grow.

As for what Trinity has provided to me, I would say I was able to learn at my own pace, in a relaxed unpressured atmosphere. I am sure you are aware of how stressful studying for exams can be. Though Trinity is not easy, the stress is not present as it would be in a class where you have limited time to learn. At Trinity you learn at your own pace, and you have the time to contemplate as you learn. You cannot do that in setting whereby one must learn a specific amount of material in a semester. Also, a mentor is only an email away.

If you work full-time, as I did while studying, a program such as Trinity’s is right for you, if you are prepared to study after work and on weekends.

There is much reading and writing concerning any program at Trinity. The tests are open book — but they are not easy and you cannot copy word for word the reading material as answers for the tests. There is also a paper that must be written and its depth depends upon the degree you wish to pursue.

I did not mention the cost. Learning Christ, the Church, the means to grow spiritually, should not cost, as they say, “an arm and a leg”. Money should not be a factor when it comes to spiritual growth. Trinity provides Christian education of the same quality as does any other seminary, yet does not charge tuition. It’s registration fees are minimal, as you can see on the school’s website. Would that more seminaries in the world do this. In this regard, Trinity is unmatched.

It is my prayer that you do choose Trinity. This seminary is recognized internationally as an accredited school of higher Christian education. The school has on its staff Dr. Johnson Philip who is internationally known as the “best” apologist for Christ and Christianity in India. The staff at Trinity takes God seriously, they are of the highest integrity…and are overflowing with love. The mark of a Christian is the love he/she exudes.

I thank God for directing me to Trinity, and to Dr. Johnson Philip. In Christ’s Love,

Dr. Ronald  L Coleman, DD, ThD, PhD

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  1. Rev. Youchan Kim says:

    The words “with an Apologetic emphasis” draw my attention, this convenient way of study is thankful especially to the persons who studied a long ago, but now busy in several areas. with a great expectation.

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