Salai Lau Lyan Shan, Malaysia

I would like to share the experience I have in Trinity School in this way.

My name is Mr. Salai Lau Lyan Shan, serving the Lord in Malaysia and now I am doing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) course in Trinity. Before I started the course I was pondering how it will be the free courses and free CDs. I hope like this in your mind right now but Trinity is absolutely different from what we have been pondering. All the courses are really meaningful to our generation and I got a lot of blessing from the text.

Even though it is absolutely free but it has the absolute quality. We cannot compare with any others institutions. You may find a lot of Websites which offers free course or low tuition but Trinity is totally different from that. As I am studying I could not stop reading and considering what the text is really mean to my ministry and this modern world. It gives me a new insights, a new mind and new strength how to stand strongly in this battle of illusion and scientific world.

Then regarding Audio CDs and VCDs, I was amazed when I received all these material and it made me to think how can it be free. Really all these materials are so precious and so cost but they did it sacrificially for the ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Yours opinions will be totally different when you really touch with the course and when you really did it. I praise the Lord that I found this wonderful Institution and I may able to study the Word of God perfectly and properly.

My dear brother and sister, if you are seeking to study the Word of God and to serve the Lord in various methods in this horrible and terrible world: Trinity School of Apologetics and Theology is the place for you. Do not go any further searching institution apart from this Trinity School. I greatly believe that if you really want to become an apologist in this generations, trinity is the best place for you. We need to qualify all the course and CDs, VCD and MP3 course as much as you can. If we really qualify all the course sure there is a great reward is waiting for us. As for me one day at least 5 hours I give to study the text as well as the Audio VCD courses. If you did it in this way sure the best qualification will not runaway from you.

We need to qualify in ongoing tests whatever we learn from the text then it will be a great blessing to our life, and our ministry in a wonderful way. I greatly believe that you will get a lot of insights and strength to stand strongly and constantly in the Lord through Trinity School of Apologetics and Theology.
God bless you all abundantly and keep you safe always!

Yours Sincerely
Salai Lau Lyan Shan

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  1. heejoanne says:

    i truly need info how to enrol. i have a MBA, MA and PHD

  2. Joel Kadazan says:

    I am also from Malaysia and wish to pursue this course. Could you give me your contact address and where or which Church/Ministry you are serving in Malaysia.tqvm
    Terima Kasih,

  3. S. P. Manullang says:

    I am from Medan-Indonesia and need to know more about this Trinity School of Thought. Can you share more a little bit about this seminary and its benefit to our church. Please send me your email address. Thank you and Gbu

    yours in Christ,
    SP Manullang

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