Ten good reasons to attend a theology school



Options and decisions abound in life: Our future is shaped by the decisions we make. After high school, when we find ourselves at a fork in the path, we need to have the correct perspective to decide to enrol in college.

1. Education in college ensures our future.
There are more work prospects, and data show that college graduates make up the majority of leaders.

2. Having a college education will increase your income, allowing you to live a better lifestyle.
Those with a high school diploma make US$ 34,303 per year, those with a college degree make US$ 56,334 per year, and those with a professional degree make at least US$ 99,411 per year.

3. It goes beyond money.
You become a well-rounded individual with a college education.
Your knowledge base is increased, your communication skills are shaped, you become more methodical and structured, and you are exposed to a whole new world of learning.

4. College graduates are healthier and have superior value systems.
They can successfully mentor their family.

5. Attending college can help you become qualified in your desired fields.
Therefore, you can receive training in the particular sector and be qualified if you are an innovator, inventor, healer, or artist.

6. College graduates, say experts, are more self-assured, more knowledgeable about governance, less inclined to commit crimes, emotionally and financially secure, make better lovers and parents, and have a better grasp of human nature.

7. College is the foundation of a democratic society and instils a strong sense of right and wrong.

8. Education offers the door to a variety of opportunities, including different occupations, career options, the potential to improve one’s education at any stage of one’s life, and the opportunity to pass on what one has learned to others.
Whether it’s a kid, a family member, or a person in need you come across.

9. Compared to Wall Street assets, a college degree is a much better investment in you.

10. The “American Dream” will continue to succeed if more people get college degrees.
the capacity to recognise the correct path and work for prosperity and peace.

According to Jose Marti, a patriot, students are the staunchest defenders of freedom and the very ramparts of a nation.
Education makes people more moral, which makes them better people.
Future generations eventually benefit from a college education.
Most members of subsequent generations with college degrees enrol in college themselves.
Their genes start to get hardwired with the importance of a good education.
Muscle power can be used to move large stones, but mental power is what instructs you how to move it and what you can do with it.

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