Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology: Overview

14TGSAT is the result of many decades of a felt need for a free Bible School that would offer quality theological education totally free of tuition fees. Such a free bible seminary was needed, many of us felt, to meet the growing population of Christians in developing countries.

As the population of Christians grows in these countries, the number of pastors and teachers who need theological education free of cost also keeps increasing. With this in mind, several thinkers and theologians came together in 1970. They felt the need for the following:

  • No tuition Theology College
  • Free Bible School
  • Free Bible Seminary

This was the start of a free postal Bible School that offered Distance Education in Theology. By 1990s, the Internet came with all its promises. That is the time when the team realized that now we can easily launch the following:

  • Free Online Bible School
  • Free Online Bible College

This is how Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology came into existence.


TGSAT by net has been here now for two decades. In these two decades it has been able to do the following

  1. Sent free theology course-material to almost 30,000 applicants worldwide
  2. Trained several of them who in turn train the rest of them
  3. Established the standards that Free Online Bible Seminaries need to follow

If the above points look attractive, then look around and examine this site to see if it can help you to study theology without paying any tuition fees.

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  1. Kebawetse Montshiwa says:

    I would like to join your school, I don’t have your contact numbers please help me to contact you. My mobile no. is 72643046

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      What has phone got to do with admission. All info is already available. Send an online application if the info looks promising.

  2. Dr Antoine says:

    Dr. Achille Antoine was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He received the state diploma in Geology with a specialization in Hydrogeology. He worked as Hydro geologist for three years under the UNESCO/ United Nations HAI development Program from 1987-1990 prior to come to the USA. When arrived at New York, He continued his education with great ambition and completed many academicals degrees. Very early in his sophomore years, while he was constantly making the dean’s list as a potential student, he was selected to obtain the New York Peace Corps scholarship ($15.000). In July 1996, he obtained his bachelor degree in Biology with an oriented focus in Physician Assistant studies at Wagner College/ Staten Island Hospital Program. Then, while he was pursuing his master degree in Medical sciences/ Physician Assistant studies at the University of Nebraska, he was studying the art of complementary medicine at the Open International University for Complimentary Medicines/ Calcutta, India. He was awarded the Doctor Degree in Alternative Medicine (MD/AM) in 2000. He has a specialization in Internal Medicine from the Medical Center of University of Nebraska. He has few CME certificates from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Antoine obtained is Medical Doctor Degree (MD) from American International School of Medicine.

    Dr. Antoine has many degrees and diplomas in the field of religious studies and theological studies. He holds a diploma in General Bible Studies from Liberty University- Lynchburg, Virginia prior to complete a Doctorate degree in Ministry in biblical counseling at Pillsbury College and Seminary, Bridgeton Missouri.
    In addition Dr. Antoine holds a doctorate of Psychology/ Psy.D from The Graduate theological foundation (2011). He studied chaplaincy/ Pastoral care and he is currently registered as a Pastoral care Member/ Chaplain at the Brooklyn Hospital, Brooklyn New York since 2011.

    He has the privilege to speak in many events such table talk, radio show, seminar etc…. .In May 2006, he was invited to the white house as a sample of the Haitian Community leaders among few where he did voice openly his concerns in the 2 minutes that were allotted for him by asking two questions. He had the privilege to be invited by the New York City Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly for a private meeting of 45 minutes in 2010.

    His medical experiences can be extended to Primary Care medicine, Internal Medicine and Holistic medicine approach after a great period of 10 years in the art of medicine, the healthcare field. His experiences at SUNY Medical Center- Adult Medicine section during the past four years 2007-2012) added more knowledge, wisdom and compassion to him in order to practice the art of medicine. He also has experience in correctional medicine. He currently holds the position of Medical lab Result Interpreter/Central lab reviewer at The New York City Correctional Department.

    Dr. Antoine is a Board Certified Healthcare provider, a board certified Christian counselor, a Certified Pastoral care/ Chaplain, a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician- ANMCAB, a theologian.

    He is a member of the —

    American Academy of Physician Assistant
    American Association of Christian Counselors
    American Alternative of Medical Association
    American Psychotherapy Association
    American Academy of HIV Medicine

    3100 Grand Boulevard
    Baldwin Harbor, New York 11510
    Tel: (718) 496-7964

    OBJECTIVE: To obtain a challenging position utilizing skills and abilities developed through my education and experiences, with the opportunity for professional growth and advancement.

    SUMMARY: Well- organized, assertive, self-motivated, reliable, responsible and dedicated professional able to set
    effective priorities to achieve immediate and long- term goals. Excellent communication and inter-
    personal skills. Function well independently and as a team member. Ability to effectively meet
    challenging situations and critical deadlines.

    05/2013 American International School of Medicine, Georgetown, Guyana
    Doctorate degree in Medicine

    06/2010 Graduate Theological Foundation, Mishawaka, IN
    Doctorate of Psychology degree

    01/2008 Pillsbury College and Seminar, Bridgeton, MO
    Doctorate in Ministry in Biblical Counseling

    07/2007 Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA,
    Diploma in General Bible

    03/2007 Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
    Medical School Certificate/CME

    12/2005 University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
    M. S. Degree Physician Studies Assistant

    08/2000 Open International University for Complimentary Medicines, Calcutta, India
    Doctor of Medicine/ Alternative Medicines ( MD/A.M)

    12/1998 Wagner College/SIUH, Staten Island, NY
    B. S. Physician Assistant

    06/1995 Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY
    A.S. Biology

    06/1988 Informatech/ Computech School, P-A-P, Haiti
    Diploma in Computer Data Entry

    06/1987 National School of Agro/Geology, P-A-P, Haiti
    State Diploma in Geology and Technical Procedures

    11/06-present Prison Health Services/ Corizon inc., East Elmhurst, New York, NY
    Central Lab Reviewer- Medical

    09/06-Present Seventh-Day Adventist Church Minister/ Ordained Elder
    Physician Assistant
    Obtain detailed history and perform physical examination on assigned patients. Assess and treat acute/chronic medical problems. Provide direct patient care to a specified patient population. Perform initial histories and physical examinations on patients, screen patients for ongoing care, and prescribe medications.

    09/00-11/06 Parsons Medical Center, Queens, NY
    Physician Assistant
    Provided primary care to patients, performed internal medicine practice. Involved in all aspects
    of patients care, including: detailed history and physical examinations, development of treatments
    plans, and prescription of medications. Ordered and interpreted laboratory tests and diagnostic

    09/00-06/02 Carnasie Multi Service Center, Brooklyn, NY
    Physician Assistant
    Performed medical examinations by using standard medical procedures. Observed, assessed and recorded symptoms, reactions and progress on patients. Communicated medical information to professional practitioners. Educated patients, families as to the nature of disease, provided instruction on proper care and treatment.

    05/99-11/05 Astramed Physicians, St. Albans, NY
    Physician Assistant
    Worked as members of the health care team, took medical histories, examined and treated patients, ordered and interpreted laboratory tests and x rays, and made diagnoses. Recorded progress notes, instructed and counseled patients. Ordered and carried out therapy.


    07/97-12/98 Medical Arts Pavilion /Family Medicine, Staten Island, NY
    Office of Chief Medical Examiner/Pathology, New York, NY
    South Beach Psyc Ctr/Mental Evaluation, Staten Island, NY
    Staten Island University Hospital/Internal Medicine, Staten Island, NY


    • Internal Medicine Specialization Certificate
    New York State License Number: 008537

    • Infection Control Certification
    Number: 1197139

    • NCCPA Certificate
    Number: 1041667

    • American Heart Association BCLS

    • Board Certified Christian Counselor IBCC/BCCC
    Number: 0079

    • American Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board, Inc
    Board Certified Naturopathic Physician

    • Certificate in Pastoral Care/ Brooklyn Hospital


    • American Academy of Physicians Assistants
    • American Association of Christian Counselors
    • American Alternative Medical Association
    • American Psychotherapy Association
    • United States Air Force Auxillary/ CAP

    04/95 Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY
    Dean’s list Award

    06/96 NYS Primary Care Service Corps, Albany, NY
    Scholarship Recipient

    05/14 American International School Medicine
    Doctor of Science/ Honoris Causa

    SKILLS: Spanish, Fluent in French and Creole. Windows XP, Microsoft Words/Works/Lotus/Macro 1,2,3
    Pascal and Basic. Extremely skilled in making Administrative and Procedural decisions.

    REFERENCES: Available Upon Request.

  3. GLADYS OKON says:

    My application to study theology was successful,but i was unable to get fund to pay the registration fee to start this is since like Jan 2014 as i was in financial difficulty. i realy want to come back pls what should i do now?, ishould be able to raise some fund now thanks.

  4. lrb says:

    This is an enquiring to find out if this school is still operating. I have sent a number of emails over the past 8 months but have had no replies.
    I am especially interested in the Master of Theology and DBS.
    Thanks for your tome

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