Trinity Graduate School Of Apologetics And Theology

TGSAT or Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology was born out of a vision that goes to 1970. Those were times when a large number of missionaries and pastors from developing countries wanted to get high quality theological education but their countries did not have the kind of institutions or the quality that they desired. What is more, distance education in theology was unheard of. Since most of them were already in the field when they started desiring theological education and training, distance bible school of distance theological seminary was the only practical option that they could use <1>.

There were many of us who wanted ourselves to study but found it difficult to locate an institution that would offer this kind of a formal theology training <2>. This led us to request several TEAM missionaries as well as others who had formal theological education and training to start something formally in our church <3>. They agreed that while initially it did not need to lead to a formal theological training, a start somewhere can eventually lead to a Bible School or Theological Seminary that would be able to meet all these demands.

A Christian Youth Fellowship was started with the above in Mind, and several highly educated and trained men started offering classes in Bible, Theology, Ministry, and Apologetics. Initially it was a one-hour program, but eventually it extended for 3 hours on Sundays. Special bible and theology classes were held on holidays.  This was the start of what eventually became Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology <4>. The development and culmination to TGSAT passed through several stages:

  • The launch of Science and Faith <5>
  • The launch of Bible and Science Courses <6>
  • The launch of Calvin site <7>
  • The launch of Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology <8>


1. Several bulletins published by CYF in 1960s testify to this fact.

2. A correspondence course by the name of Light of Life was available at that time, but it was so basic that it did not fulfill our requirements

3. This included men like Isiah Christian and others

4., accessed 4 May 2014

5. Science and Faith, Volumes 1 to 10 brought out cyclostyles, then photocopied, and then printed

6. The printed courses included Bible and Science and Bible and Evolution

7., accessed 5 May 2014

8., accessed 5 May 2014

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  1. ngongmbowoh elias says:

    It started like a dream, and today we see and study.God’s name be praise.

    • Enoch Buadu says:

      Thank you. It is a prayer well answered. I will make good use of the knowledge to the benefit of the world that needs God

  2. Eric Ssempa says:

    Trinity graduate school of apologetics and theology is unlike any other. I am heavily indebted to it for the ministry and life transforming study opportunity freely give. Bravo

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      Thank you very much for your comment about TGSAT. Trinity Graduate school of Apologetics aims to be the best free Bible Seminary in the world.

      • Tyler P says:

        TGSAT is an answer to prayer. I work 60 hours a week and take on a full-time schedule of college courses, making my time very limited to find the right kind of quality resources for apologetics as well as to have a planned set of attack to study the material. It is a privilege to learn apologetics with the flexibility it offers for only a registration fee, no tuition fee! I am proud to say I will receive a bachelors from TGSAT in Theology and am looking forward to putting it to practice everyday from here on out while I my walk in faith with Jesus Christ.

      • Robert Hornick says:

        Thank you trinity college for accepting me into your bachelor of Theology degree program its the answer to my prayers, the enrollment process has been hassle free and guided perfectly for new enrollees, I believe that God has steered me to your school to eventually become a minister in the future with the education that you will provide, thank you

    • Ian Naidoo says:

      Yes, i do agree Trinity is awesome. i am proudly associated with Trinity. God bless the staff…

  3. Theotinus Rugaiyamu says:

    God who has started a good work in your hearts, will accomplish it successfully! (Fil. 1:6)
    You are really serving us cordially.
    Get continuously blessed by the Most High.

  4. Theotinus Rugaiyamu says:

    And I believe Trinity is the Best Free Bible Seminary in the World.

    • Panton Okon says:

      The very thought of establishing a free
      high-end quality theological seminary is incredible. The study materials are not only superb but most of all, the Holy-Spirit inspired impact is simply mind-boggling. God has once again proved that all things are possible to them that believe

      – “…Jesus said, “With people [as far as it depends on them] it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.” (MARK 10:27, AMP)

      This is impossibility made possible. At a time when many are seeking selfish gain, a group of God-fearing individuals have been used by God to bring into existence a top-quality seminary. TRULY INCREDIBLE.

      Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is,
      simply put, a miracle. A life-changing and transforming miracle. Glory be to God.

  5. Collins Joseph Mudinyu Orembo says:

    TGSAT just revived my dreams about being a Christian apologist & i term it as a reliable institution to bring change to this topsy turvy world in the courses it offers with the best mentors available. bravo TGSAT.

  6. Romeo Cerico says:

    I am really looking forward to begin my DMin program next month (October) when I complete my monthly installment. It is a privilege to be part of TGSAT and I am doubly blessed by the Lord for TGSAT to allow me to go on an installment payment plan, that’s a real blessing. I just made a downpayment last February and followed the installment plan. If you really like to pursue your dream degree you will stick to a plan and act on that plan. God bless all the school leadership, faculty, and students of TGSAT.

  7. Steve Colangelo says:

    As I begin my DrApol coursework, the sheer volume and scope of this program is incredible! I teach at the University level and having doctoral level coursework in apologetics is just what the “Doctor” ordered! This program is not for the timid…but well worth the time and effort!

  8. Magda Jordaan says:

    I have downloaded all the study material for MBibArch. It looks very impressive. What a privilege to have the opportunity be equipped to make a positive contribution to God’s Kingdom

    • Kaumba Sakuwunda says:

      I am so excited to be enrolled in free to study the DRE & THD programme freely I look forward to enjoying these books that I have received and downloaded to kick start my free Doctoral Study. Am working hard to make sure that other in my country can study with Trinity Graduate School of Apologetic and Theology. To God be the Glory and Honor.

  9. I have just downloaded all the study material for MBibArch. Can’t wait to start the course. As a pensioner with limited funds in a Third World country it is a privilege to be able to do this course free of charge.

  10. Obed Obeng-Addae says:

    It’s such an awesome experience already taking DrApol program. This program content already exceeded my expectations. My joy is boundless. I announce everywhere I go, that Trinity is best.

  11. Mukto Soren says:

    I’m from Bangladesh. I have yhree years Diploma in theology. Now I’m so interested to earn B.Th. But I’m serving in Church. So, how could be I took this course please? Please give me all information about admission and study procedures.

    Yours in Christ

  12. Lisa says:

    I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity given to me and the confirmation given by God. I was going back-and-forth on the issue of whether I should go ahead with my studies or not. However, I had applied back in September of 2014 and had not heard from anyone since. Ironically, though, I was once again the other night “wrangling” with God, when low and behold, I received the acceptance email and the links for downloading my courses.

    In all honesty, I suppose I was trying to run from God and using excuses that it is dangerous for me in the country I am in (which it is), or that I was too busy working nearly 60 hours a week, and most definitely no access to a church, etc.

    However, God has made it clear I am to move forward. I will most definitely need Him to get me through all of this and to protect me where I am.

    Thank you Trinity for being His servants.

    • Dolores Bernice Davis says:

      God bless you Lisa and granny hugs 🙂

      • Janay says:

        Thank you for sharing this. I checked out both Adam's blog and their family blog and read all about their beautiful son Gavin. As a mother I am hebkatroren at reading their story and am reminded how truly precious our life is. I am also reminded that this precious life is temporary and that our real life begins in heaven. What a comfort to know that little Gavin is running and playing with other angels in Heaven at the feet of Jesus. I will be praying for this beautiful family and for their new journey in adoption. Thanks again.

  13. Warren Alimamy Kargbo says:

    this is a real blessing to have an institution at this time that gives free education to underdeveloped countries. may the good Lord continue to bless you.

  14. I cannot stop praising God for this wonderful course in MDiv you have sent to me. The materials are written in simple English but the depth of these works cannot be overemphasized. And to have these courses free of charge is unimaginable. What is more appreciating is how the tutors avail themselves to answer every questions that their students ask and the alacrity at which they answer them. Thanks you once again and May the Good Lord continues to shower His rich blessings upon you all.
    Francis Sackitey
    Global Evangelical Church

  15. krupa nidhi says:

    iam very happy in this movement i joined in trinity school.It started like a dream, and today we see and are really providing a good oportunity to study and to learn about jesus christ .amen

  16. Rajesh Jesudoss says:

    I am indeed delighted to receive all the text books today.The study material is crisp, interesting and bible based. Modules are effectively designed for lay people to defend their most holy faith in these last days. I really praise LORD GOD Almighty for raising Trinity school for such a time as this! May God continue to grant her His grace and glory in the coming days!

  17. Mosimane Rammika says:

    This is a wonderful school may God continue to bless it and all committed staff members as well as all volunteers. If it was not them wr could not enjoy this wonderful opportunity to be trainned in theoloigy.
    May God bless all of you
    Mosimane Rammika, DBS student

  18. Dennis Gitonga Gitari says:

    TGSAT gives a uniquely great and rare combination for its degrees which brings forth distinct graduates who are not only Bible students but also good Chrsitian apologists, a very vital ministry in our relativistic and pluralistic world today. I am pursuing an MDiv degree and am just loving the course material and ever longing to study and internalize them.Thanks for the wonderful ministry that you are doing. May God grace and increase you more to equip many more!

  19. Emmanuel Gambo says:

    Thanks to TGSAT For the privilege given to me to study the word of God at the doctorate level.thank you for helping me fulfill my dream.May God reward you all.

  20. Oladele Blair says:

    Wow..Wow..Words can hardly express my gratitude for the quality of the text book materials and lessons made possible by TGSAT. Please note that this material is Quality of this nature for the price of free cannot be compared to any other institution of this nature.
    I pray that the Lord will continue to bless this institution and the people whom are volunteers. I am student in the Doctor of Biblical Studies and I must say that my expectation for high quality education is being fulfilled exceptionally.

  21. Gershon Vorsah says:

    Ever since I tried to look for a place for distance theological education, it has remained obvious that TGSAT is the best place. The Course Materials are just the best that suit my studies. Anybody who chooses TGSAT will definitely see that TGSAT is doing more than we have expected. May God bless all the men who volunteer their time, energy and resources to keep this program.

  22. Rodney Sexton says:

    Here in the United States, I find only a handful of Bible Colleges or Schools of Theology that present the depth of sound, truly Biblical doctrine offered by TGSAT at any price and, at TGSAT, price is truly an afterthought. I just downloaded all files for the BTh program. I was overwhelmed with the massive amount of books and materials provided in a such organized manner. Glancing through the materials, I found them extremely well prepared. What stands out even more is the number of volunteers who have made all of this possible. Truly, TGSAT, Dr. Philip and the rest of the faculty have God’s hand upon their mission for his glorification. May God close His arms around TGSAT and protect it from the terror that reigns across the globe.


    TGSAT as an instrument of God,has opened my spiritual and philosophical eyes after recieving download of MRE textbooks and course modules lectures from Doctors philip and Cherian.May God bless you for that mission to poor ignorant to see the light and vision.

  24. Miklos Major says:

    TGSAT provided the privilege of obtaining a stellar education in biblical studies, theology and apologetics. It is has afforded a tremendous gift to the Body of Christ in offering this opportunity to many who may otherwise not be able to afford the same quality of education in the traditional residency based academic setting.

  25. Babalola Simeon says:

    What great Institution? I give glory to God Almighty because of TGSAT for the wonderous work He is doing in this institution, through which many experience regeneration all over the world. TGSAT will continue to be stronger.

  26. Joe Muthoka says:

    Joe Muthoka from kenya.
    Am so thankful for receiving this admittance for a BTH course. Together with the in-depth course materials given freely, one can only thank God for Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology, Dr. Philip and other faculty members. You help many people and may the Lord Richly bless you.

  27. John Boa says:

    I am pleased to say that I have received all material pertaining to the MRE.

    Everything a student needs to know from how to study, submitted assignments and communication with trinity, is well laid out in the handbook and various links on this site.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  28. I am really humbled by the Lord’s doing. After completing my Th.D studies in 2009, I spent some time seeking scholarships to study at universities in the USA and Europe. Unfortunately, such opportunities were never found until one day I just found myself browsing TGSAT website. The information that was on the web seemed so much convincing but i was skeptical, can anything theologically sound come from India?

    Well, I thought of giving it a trial since I had been asking God to lead me to the right school. After my initial application, I later received a personal note from Dr. Johnson C. Philip encouraging me to pursue my studies. After my enrollment, I started devouring the course books that were sent to me. I found the material to be of high quality and yet easy and simple to understand.

    As a way of enhancing my academic expertise, I started teaching the same courses at our theological schools. I have greatly benefited from the courses offered by TGSAT and I have to admit that the current myth that education is found only in expensive schools is a lie. TGSAT offering us tuition free programs have proved itself to have at heart the needs of men and women serving the Lord in all the nations of the world.

    I have done several courses with TGSAT: Christian Journalism, MBS, MRE, DRApol and now MBiArch. I look forward to continued studies with such a great school which is committed to the advancement of the ministries of the Gospel.

    I have learned to admire and respect the staff of TGSAT. Each time, I get timely responses to questions about the programs, feedbacks, etc. My mentors Drs Philip and Cherian have done a great job in helping me to be a better Christian Apologist and Theologian as well as a writer. Most of the titles of my 20+ books have been a result of some truths that I have learned at TGSAT and in particular, from the writings of these two esteemed professors, my mentors.

    I have made it my personal habit to talk about TGSAT and share kt with anyone willing to further his theological work. Even my students knows that after completing our programs, the next place is to find one’s self at TGSAT. This is a great school and worthy of commendation. If you happen to be reading this note and you are still undecided of whether to study at TGSAT or not, remember, I was once skeptical as you, but as can be evidenced by the number of programs I have studied at TGSAT, surely the school is a great school.

    Above all, I have learned to be a disciplined student. Trinity not only teaches you the Bib;e, but as you learn to develop some study habits, setting aside time for prayers and studies, the studies fosters in you a spirit of discipline. As a student from the third world, i have found that my English has greatly improved by reading the modules and writing my assignments.

    I am also proud to be a member of Trinity Zimbabwe’s committee.

    May the Lord continue to bless this work and provide more faithful laborers and resources needed to further the cause of Christ is my prayer.


    Ernest Musekiwa, Th.D
    Current MBiArch Student
    Committee Member: Trinity Zimbabwe

  29. The search for an opportunity to raise my understanding of the Holy Bible from the basic assembly bible class ended when the Lord led me to Trinity web-site to discover the pearls of knowledge that have become a distinguishing feature of my gospel ministry. Trinity School of Apologetics is the world’s window to the manifold wisdom of God and I attest to the great works of my teachers with a practical undertaking to link many to this treasure and will remain part of the school for as long as the Lord tarries.

    Bernard Chishala (Dr.Apl)

  30. The search for an opportunity to raise my understanding of the Holy Bible from the basic assembly bible class ended when the Lord led me to Trinity web-site to discover the pearls of knowledge that have become a distinguishing feature of my gospel ministry. Trinity School of Apologetics is the world’s window to the manifold wisdom of God and I attest to the great works of my teachers with a practical undertaking to link many to this treasure and will remain part of the school for as long as the Lord tarries.

    Thank you Trinity

    Bernard Chishala (Dr.Apl)

  31. George Meilahn says:

    The download was simple to save onto my computer’s hard drive and a back up saved onto a flash drive This way I can study from my laptop when I travel. I like to print out the assignments and annotate them on my second read. When i write my response, it is likely to be my third time through the materials. Great content; have read up to the Fallacies and Logic (M17A1)

    MDIV Student, USA

  32. George Meilahn says:

    Several times the last couple of months I have shared the link for the free books [http//] to folks I know who appreciate theology, and my write ups on the modules to interested ministers throughout the world. The courses have assisted me during our church’s field evangelism visits twice monthly.

  33. Jomi says:

    Very time to time replies and updates,that is what i liked the most. As a begginner am trying to analyse and extract the best from here.

  34. TGSAT is the best school and it makes everyone dream come true in reality. It has a great impact on the kingdom of God and it shows how the body of Christ should do as an example. It is very meaningful to me in particular because I am from Myanmar which is a very poor country and TGSAT make me really proud. Thank you may not be good enough to say but May God bless TGSAT abundantly.

  35. Simon K Zamisa says:

    As I begin my studies with TGSAT, dominant in my mind is how I also can emulate in some way however small a philosophy of enablement for the glory of God. To know that people who will be helping to shape me for maximum impact will not benefit financially from that exercise feels me with humble gratitude. May God richly bless TGSAT, its leaders and vision bearers. I am looking forward to looking back on this day and continue to wonder at what God can do with minds that are correctly postured and hearts whose affections are capture by His call.

  36. G. Prasanna kumar says:

    Let me ensure all young christians that your search for a place of training for christian ministry will be richly rewarded at TGSAT.

  37. Gabriel Diteko says:

    TGSAT is a life changer. I just got started with the MBS course and I am really impressed by the depth and scope of the coursework. I recommend TGSAT to anyone looking for world class seminary education for free or at a fraction of the cost of other similar schools. I would like to commend the visionaries that conceived this institution and all those who volunteer to make it a reality to all of us. According to Proverbs 19:17, He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and that which he has given He will repay to him. May the good Lord repay you back a hundred fold and increase you a thousand times more. Shalom.

  38. kenneth kandoje says:

    Iam very glad by the grace of God I have been enrolled to study the DrApologetics,what an inspiring course indeed to miss this opportunity is the same as missing the day to day life as achristian.My prayer is that the Lord should continue giving blessings to the leadership of this school.

  39. ANDREW J. NDAM says:



  40. Dolores Bernice Davis says:

    Praise God I have finished the Masters in Biblical Archaeology and have now started a bachelor’s program in Religious Education.

    Drs Philip and Cherian are always available to help guide us on our paths to intellectual enrichment. Our fellow students are there as well pretty much 24 hours-7 days a week.

    The work is demanding but ever so rewarding!

    Thank God for TGSAT. For many of us it is the only way we could afford an education.

  41. Jeff Barnhart says:

    From what I’ve experienced so far in my course of study, TGST is a very professional organization and stresses learning the material instead of just learning enough to get the degree. I would recommend TGST to anyone.

  42. MIklos Major says:

    I am very grateful for the contribution that TGSAT has made to the Body of Christ around the world. They have provided a way to obtain an outstanding theological education at minimal cost. TGSAT has graciously provided many individuals in ministry needing formal seminary/theological training, but without sufficient funding, to obtain a great education that will benefit them in many ways throughout their ministry career(s).

  43. Yvonne says:

    I am very excited to enhance my theological training through Trinity. I look forward to not only a thought provoking, but Holy Spirit inspired journey.

  44. Eric says:

    I would highly recommend this program to anyone who desires and has been called to stand up and defend the faith. As you can see with Turkey declaring the rebirth of the Ottoman empire,the escalation of atrocities surrounding Israel and depth of man’s depravity; now it is more important than ever to proclaim the good news with a solid foundation in the Word. Trinity has provided a solid biblical education that will aid me to that end/////Thank you Trinity!!!

  45. George M Kennedy says:

    I am someone who has always had an interest if academics, especially the kind that points to the way of salvation. For this reason, despite my many pursuits of knowledge and certification in the area of my profession (accounting), as a child of God I have also felt compelled to pursue knowledge and training in the area of theology.

    Of all the places of training that I have examined, none of them offers the depth, breath, and intensity both at the masters and doctoral levels that TGSAT does – they don’t even come close. With this said, I have no reservations whatsoever, that TGSAT is the place to study for anyone who is seeking to truly “…not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth…” (2 Timothy 2:15).

  46. Can’t say enough thank you to TGSAT for the wonderful opportunity to study God’s word with you. Each module and each course is an answered prayer because I learn new things daily which are essential to my life and ministry. You are a great school and not only are you touching our lives as students, but those to who we are also ministering to. God bless!

  47. john caampbell says:

    I thank God for Trinity, I am reading for the Masters degree in Biblical Archaeology, having studied for my BA in Biblical Studies with a different American Bible College.
    I know that Biblical Archaeology is an important subject, not only to study, yet also to confront the closed mind of the academic world.
    So many people to-day are led astray by academics who make claims that there is nothing left to discover, we know it all.
    Such claims usually center on the belief that the bible is fable and story without fact. Yet I feel that if I can convince one person of the truth of the bible and its claims, my life will not have been wasted.

  48. john caampbell says:

    Everyone knows of the bible, bible schools and churches. We all hear of Darwin and evolution. The claims of academia that the bible is nothing more than a collection of stories, are widely reported. It is difficult to combat such a situation from the bible college, especially if they only talk in terms of the scriptures.
    For too long our Bible Colleges have failed to consider the field of Biblical Archaeology. This Field meets the objections of academia head on, proving that the scriptures are not just stories made for little children. TGSAT is the only college teaching this important topic, thus thank God for Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology.

  49. john caampbell says:

    As I put on the armour of God, I thank Trinity for teaching me the subject of Biblical Archaeology, a topic that will I hope broaden my knowledge of the bible, giving me a firmer grasp of the scriptures and possibly lead me to a deeper study.

  50. Dolores Bernice Davis says:

    TGSAT requires quality and quantity. We work hard and are blessed with great mentors and other staff. God bless the staff and faculty mightily in their day jobs because they work so hard to educate people who otherwise probably couldn’t afford to attend a school. TGSAT is training tomorrows leaders!

  51. TGSAT is a great educational institution for anyone looking to know more about the Bible and what is going on in the world relating to the Bible.

    You can’t go wrong by joining this great group of students and staff

  52. Hilton Hunte says:

    I have been surfing the internet over several months for a distance learning program in Theology at the Masters level and was unable to find any that was affordable.It was a surprise, perhaps a divine intervention to have come across TGSAT. A perusal of the courses for the DrApol has convinced me that the program is of a high quality but much persistent hard work is required to complete the program. I am convinced that anyone completing this program could never be the same as before embarking on this course of study.I am satisfied that I have made the right choice in terms of choice of seminary.God bless the faculty and students.

  53. David Keeling says:

    I recently contacted Dr. Philip with a request to have my course of study reassigned to DTh. During the process I emailed Dr. Philip several times and I found him to be patient, helpful and very encouraging. Furthermore, I have also contacted Dr. Cherian and my impression is equally as favourable. The modules were simple to download and to unzip. They are not (up to now) loaded with technical language and they are a joy to read. Having said that, the curriculum is demanding, however you will have the opportunity to grow in knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, you will also gain a deeper appreciation of and love for God’s Word.

    David Keeling DTh student
    North Wales, UK

  54. Chibueze says:

    I am highly grateful to TGSAT for showing me the Grace to study in the school. Having studied Political Science from Bachelor’s to Master’s degree level and also earned Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate in Metaphysics, I can rightly declare from my careful examination of TGSAT courses that TGSAT meet the requirement of being the best in terms of academic standard. Indian education institutions have great respect in Nigeria due to the quality of researches carried out by Indian scholars. It is the respect that Indian education institutions have in Nigeria that attracted me to TGSAT and now I declare that TGSAT merited great respect from not only Nigerians but from all Christian community in the whole world. Studying the courses draws a person closer to GOD and improve the person’s relations with other people. The courses makes a person to be a worthy soldier of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST. I LOVE AND RESPECTS TGSAT.

  55. kenneth kandoje says:

    The more Iam studying the more my mind is developing and discovering more about the word of God through this wonderful school. My prayer is that the Lord should continue guiding the leadership of this school.
    DrApol Student

  56. So far the only school that I know that offers you everything for your Theological training an how to be equipped thoroughly in the ministry. This is such a tremendous blessing from the Lord. Thanks to Dr. Phillip and Cherian. They are an amazing scholars and ideal mentors for the uprising preachers and defenders of the Gospel. DR. Phillip dedication and zeal for the defense of Christianity made a radical impact in my life especially how to neutralize cowardice and be a man of God whether for the defense and proclamation of the gospel. The Lord directed my affection since I discover this marvelous site three years ago. This is a once in lifetime opportunity and I pray together with all the students that we must pursue no matter what as we started this journey. I made a quick survey of the materials that I will work with DrApol, and I immediately thank God and believed that this program will lead me accordingly in systematic learning of my course. May the Lord continue to Grant me patience and joy in hard work of study until completion. Thank you Dr. Phlip. I read several of your journals and you are a brave and intellectual Apologist. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and grant you good health for the continuity of your God-glorifying, unselfish and noble endeavor.

  57. Seymore Bell, D.D. says:

    Today you may be sitting in your room contemplating on enrolling in a Seminary, but the tuition fees are beyond your reach; don’t fret!
    There is still hope for you. This hope is found at Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Seminary (TGSAT). TGSAT is an in depth, and Biblical Sound Theological Seminary, and is second to none. Where else can you obtain this type of Seminary training except TGSAT, also it is totally free, did I say totally free, yes totally free and there is no hidden cost to worry about. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Seminary courses are equal to, or surpasses many R.A. courses. You should stop procrastinating; go to your computer and send TGSAT an email today. You will see that your life will never be the same.

  58. Corey Lyons says:

    TGSAT is a wonderful institution. It have provided mange an opportunity which otherwise would not have been available to me. And I can attest that the quality of education I receive at TGSAT rivals that of the most expensive seminaries and Bible Colleges in the U.S.

  59. Corey Lyons says:

    Stupid auto correct *has *me

  60. Matthew Pierson says:

    I live in America and couldn’t afford college. I love Jesus from the bottom of my heart and thank him for opening this door for me so that I can fulfill my calling! I’ve just started but after looking over the list of subjects and seeing the easy set up I’m very excited about the future and where God is taking me. The email responses have been very fast and I’m super excited to get started!
    Matthew Pierson

  61. Juan Cleves says:

    I want to thank God first for having people like the TGSTA team, we are so blessed to have the opportunity to be enrolled in any of the different programs offered by this institution. God bless you Dr. Philip and your team.

  62. Two years ago I enrolled in the TGSTA DRE program, but my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer and developed serious complications to the therapy. I cared for her during her recovery which prevented my ability to comply with the requirements of the degree plan. Recently, I appealed to Dr. Johnson and the TGSTA team who graciously gave me another chance at the DRE. May God continuously shower the TGSTA team with his favor and blessings!

  63. Andreas Forrer says:

    Trinity offers a unique approach to studying apologetics and scripture. The textbook materials are all well organized and the texts are well written. The program is intelligently structured and a practical and doable way of distant learning/teaching. Trinity is doing a great job to the global community.

  64. Bertrand C. Smith says:

    I have searched a long time for a school that would meet the needs a student who was interested in Apologetics. I stumbled across TGSTA completely by accident on the internet. I have started my studies and am completely overwhelmed by the depth of these modules of study. Thank you Trinity and may God continue to bless your work in the body of Christ.

  65. Alfonzo Thomas says:

    I thank God for such a resource for people like myself who are professional and cannot have the opportunity to grow in faith in traditional avenues. I will cherish my time spent enhancing my already firm walk in Christ. God Bless.

  66. Gawayne Johnson says:

    this is a dream come true, God has indeed used this institution to answer a prophetic word spoken over my life in the past two years, i am now a proud masters candidate THANKS TO TRINITY. THIS IS ONE OF THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

  67. Kyle says:

    I am so excited to be able to study good quality education! I’m very blessed to have an opportunity to study free of charge. I’m glad that this school is willing to provide these studies to so many people!

  68. Dr. Philip, the ministry that you are offering is a great seed that you are planting toward educating others about our creator God and his love for humanity. You teach with such truth, but you do it in a way that is simple for all to grasp if one would stay focused and disciplined.

  69. Apostle Gerson Fumbuka says:

    TGSAT is a wonderful institution. It have provided mange an opportunity which otherwise would not have been available to me. And I can attest that the quality of education I receive at TGSAT rivals that of the most expensive seminaries and Bible Colleges in the other part of the world.

    Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always with TGSAT. Psalm 105:4

  70. Captain Kenneth Kandoje says:

    Given the timing of my work schedule,the course is perfect thank you Trinity personnel.
    K.Kandoje DrApol student

  71. Walter Foster says:

    I am so grateful to God that He has provided a way for me to further my studies through this excellent course.
    Walt Foster
    MBibArch Student

  72. Dr James Lopez, D.D., ThD student says:

    TGSAT is the best and greatest online theological school in Asia and in the world ! It offers free yet high quality theological and apologetic textbooks authored by world famous theologians and philosophers like Cornelius Van Til, John Frame, Alvin Plantinga, and others. I have learned a lot of great truths from my studies that are effective in my evangelistic, pastoral and teaching ministries in Bible college and social media !
    Start your great study in TGSAT now and lead great ministry in the future !

  73. Stephen Wicker says:

    I am very excited to start my MTh and MBS studies. At regular University prices, I would never be able to enroll in such programs, but Trinity makes it possible. Just from looking over some of the course materials, I can already tell I am going to learn a lot and grow in my relationship with Christ as I pursue my call to ministry!

    Anyone called to ministry who would like to deepen their knowledge of God and his word– I would recommend Trinity.

  74. Betty says:

    I feel so blessed to be part of the TGSAT community.I am looking forward to studying the very comprehensive program offered Free of Charge for Bachelor of Ministry. May God increase TGSAT for making these studies available.

  75. Gboladuro Ogundowole says:

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (TGSAT) is a an erudite institution where one can receive a balanced theological education; there is a balance between spirituality and academic excellence.
    All the courses I have taken so far in my Doctorate program have impacted positively and so much on my life and ministry. I am proud to be a student of TGSAT.
    The Lord bless TGSAT

  76. Gboladuro Ogundowole says:

    Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (TGSAT) is an erudite institution where one can receive a balanced theological education; there is a balance between spirituality and academic excellence.
    All the courses I have taken so far in my Doctorate program have impacted positively and so much on my life and ministry. I am proud to be a student of TGSAT.
    The Lord bless TGSAT

  77. It’s obvious that one cannot quantify the blessings that your school is bring to us all over the world. We can only “God bless you.” Mat He continue to give you the strength and grace to continue your good works

  78. Captain Kenneth Kandoje says:

    I have discovered that there is a sustainability as far as studying the word of God is concern this school has that vision of developing a person stage by stage.My level of knowledge is focusing the tangible world view,do not wait come and be part of this school.
    DrApol student

  79. JOHN BOA says:

    I am pleased to be apart of ”Trinity graduate school of apologetics and theology”. Also, I am impressed with the volume of work that is provided and the depth.

    I am appreciative and impressed with the level of scholarship and education of all those whom make up trinity. Literally, this college is bleeding academics of high learning. Again I am blessed to be amongst brethren of the same mind and heart.

    soli deo gloria

    John Boa

  80. Thanks to our almighty God for his grace upon trinity staff and ministry .trinity is the best theological school in the world i just completed and graduated with Master of biblical studies and Doctor of Biblical studies with grade point average of(A)IN BOTH!

  81. Warren Alimamy Kargbo says:

    Indeed I was worried because I could not meet the dead line of completing my course but thanks for the kind of institution that I have enrolled in. TGSAT is a blessing to those of us who want to study God’s word. The institution has granted me a one year no cost extension for which I am very grateful .May God continue to provide for them so that the institution will continue to render this free service to underdeveloped nations. Long live TGSAT

  82. Pst Oghenethoja Umuteme says:

    Trinity added joy to my ministry when I needed it most. Just called into ministry in 2007/2008, I was finding it hard to cope with the theological demand of biblical interpretation. I then searched for a school of theology where I would learn to stand firm and defend the word in truth. My search landed me on the trinity website. I applied and was given admission. I downloaded the materials, and started studying them. My knowledge grew, even more as I read the articles sent to my email box. I could stand firm, and with God on my side I have written and published 15 Christian books, and pastoring the flocks of Christ with sound theological understanding. I have now started a school of ministry, and it is blossoming. I encourage all those seeking truth and in readiness to defend their Faith in Christ to come to TRINITY. Thanks to Trinity again and again, and to the volunteer faculty. The Lord will surely reward all of this labour of Faith. Shalom.

  83. David Keeling says:

    I have today downloaded the modules for the Masters in Biblical Archeology (MBibArch). At first glance, I have to say they look excellent and I have no doubt that they will prove to be exceptional resources. Thank you Dr.Philip, Dr. Cherian and the faculty members at TGSAT / ISDET.

  84. Clovis N says:

    Trinity Graduate School is the place to be. I just finished reading my first course on Introduction to Apologetics (DRE program).

  85. Reuben W Nyatwang'a (MTH student) says:

    I do appreciate the fact that TGSAT management and services are the best I have ever encountered in life .The team is always apt in posting responses to students’ queries .It is may since prayer that they be there always for their students .I do recommend those wishing to do apologetics theology to join TGSAT for they Will not regret.

  86. I really love Trinity school it has really helped me a lot in terms of knowing God the most, and I thank them for enrolling me in their class of THo in degree program started last year and now am through be blessed Thank you Dr.Philip, Dr. Cherian and the faculty members at TGSAT / ISDET.

  87. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is an awesome school. As a full time minister and college professor, I always seek for opportunities to expand my theological horizon through study and research. With thousands of free theological courses found on the internet, usually, one has to look for the best school with best academic practices and that is suitable for you in matters of time and convenience.

    Over the years, I have learned that the heart and passion of TGSAT faculty and leaders has people like me in mind. When the curriculum was designed, they knew there would be beginners and advanced students. I am glad to report that my studies at TGSAT has been paying dividends spiritually and academically. I have learned a lot and I desire to continue with TGSAT until I have exhausted all the free resources that are made available to me.

    I am well informed and stay up-to-date in my teaching and ministry because of the studies which are relevant to me, and my ministry context. In most in theological institutions, you are bombarded with doctrines that are irrelevant to your context and the institutions dictate to you what to believe or not. TGSAT is bible centered and I love the balance that is found in the studies.

    I can’t wait to start a new degree program with them. I highly recommend this school with zero reservations to anyone willing and seriously contemplating on studying theology and apologetics.


    Ernest Musekiwa, MBS, MRE, MBArch, DrAPol Graduate
    Current Student TGSAT Student DBS

  88. Biniyam Fikadu Geleta says:

    It is my great pleasure to be the part of TGSAT. To speak without exaggeration TGSAT is the best place for distance learners of Theology. The study materials by themselves are equipment to grow oneself in the world of Theology. I completed my BTh and continued studying Masters of Theology and Masters of Biblical Archeology in TGSAT. I don’t have enough words to speak about TGSAT, but I like to say join TGSAT and taste the quality of the teaching and the transformation in your life.

  89. Levin Pradhan says:

    I am very thankful to TGSAT by providing free theological studies to continue my journey in Theological field. May God bless you

  90. Emmanuel SOwane says:

    Praise the Lord!

    Studying Masters of Theology(MTh) was my dream. Thank you TGSAT for fulfilling it. God bless you!

  91. Any sacrifice made in any direction or dimension towards drawing people closer to God and making them know Him in Spirit and truth without any compromise is of eternal value and reward. keep your light burning the Lord is watching and recording. Bravo to TGSAT God’s blessing

  92. Fawole Anthony O. says:

    I so much appreciate the efforts of the visioners of this institution. The privilege to access Distance Learning free is a unique one and I’m grateful to God and the leadership of the institute.

    More grace!

  93. Jamesy Joseph says:

    I am very happy to have the privilege to study at Trinity School. I feel it will be a blessing experience. And i encourage everyone to consider the worth of what Trinity school is doing in the world.

  94. Joseph Jamesy says:

    I praise the Lord for Trinity School. for this school doing a great job in christian area all around the world. May God bless every menbers of the school.


    I am very much convinced that TGSAT is God’s sent especially in time like this. I have examined the courses critically and discovered that they are very rich spiritually and theologically. Thank you for impacting into the lives of people who cannot avoid to go to traditional University, especially I myself.God’s blessing

  96. Emmanuel Sowane says:

    Praise the Lord!

    Anyone taking MASTER OF THEOLOGY? Please let’s share and discuss some stuffs concerning our studies. My Email is:

    Thank you

  97. Richard Gyan-Mante says:

    I am overwhelmed by the contributions and impact TGSAT is making in the lives of many and myself. As a full time Minister of the gospel, I have been always searching for an opportunity to study in order to increase my knowledge and also teach others for ministry. Due to the economic situation in my country I kept searching for an institution that could give me quality Theology and Apologetics tuition for free. When I found TGSAT, I thought it was a joke but downloading all the wonderful outlines and course books for my studies kept me speechless for a while. I am grateful to God for TGSAT. I hope to have a successful studies with you.

  98. Jacob Hundu says:

    I am glad to become a member of TGSAT. I indeed appreciate the sacrifice of the administrators and the entire faculty. May God continue to bless richly so that you will continue with this good work.

    Remain blessed

  99. Isaac says:

    I am so happy that eventually I am a beneficiary of this lofty dream – TGSAT. It still sounds so incredible that qualitative training can be secured free.

    It takes lion hearts and sacrificial souls like Dr. Philip and others to put these in place.

    I cannot wait in earnest to begin my studies. I have already downloaded my textbooks.

    I have been feeling like I am in a dream land.

    I believe this is not just to deepen knowledge and have a successful study, but to also suck from these great souls that I may do likewise.

    Thank you TGSAT for giving to the Lord.

    May the Lord bless you more and more.

  100. I am first of all grateful to God for giving me an opportunity to be part of the TGSAT great family. Many thanks to all the staff, faculty memmbers/mentors, sponsors and to every one who is involved with the welfare of TGSAT. My quick glance at some of the material in the text books I have received assures me that gracefully studying this material is definitely going to positively impact my christian life and those that are around. May the Lord continue to bless, increase and improve the entire welfare of the school. The school will always be in my prayer.

  101. Felix Oluremi Idowu says:

    It is with great excitement that I am expressing my profound gratitude to God for the fateful day I can in contact with Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology. It is just like gold-mined and indeed a treasure found. I really appreciate all the selfless volunteers across the board working together to put trainings like this across the world to the longing hearts. My admission into Doctor of Biblical Studies of the institution is an answered prayer. I will never stop heralding the good news to all and sundry longing for deeper insight into God’s word everywhere I am. Many thanks for the textbooks and other useful resources at no costs. May the God enlarge this institution and continue to supply all the needs. Thanks so much for the privilege.

  102. Felix Oluremi Idowu says:

    It is with great excitement that I am expressing my profound gratitude to God for the fateful day I came in contact with Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology. It is just like gold-mined and indeed a treasure found. I really appreciate all the selfless volunteers across the board working together to put trainings like this across the world to the longing hearts. My admission into Doctor of Biblical Studies of the institution is an answered prayer. I will never stop heralding the good news to all and sundry longing for deeper insight into God’s word everywhere I am. Many thanks for the textbooks and other useful resources at no costs. May the Lord enlarge this institution and continue to supply all the needs. Thanks so much for the privilege.

  103. Shadrack Ochuodho says:

    God bless you Dr JC, never come across Theological courses that have such depth. TGSAT is a must-attend for every Christian leader seeking to add value to the Kingdom of God!

  104. Shadrack Ochuodho says:

    TGSAT has opened for me Theological doors of unsurpassed quality. The sky is not even the limit for those who are willing to get down to serious seeking of Kingdom knowledge!

  105. Babatunde says:

    Thanks TGSAT for accepting me for the DMIN program. This is dream come true. God bless you real good.

  106. Babatunde says:

    I thank God for what TGSAT is doing to assist christians all over the world espcially the developing countries to gain knowledge of the word of God for the salvation of their soul and the growth of God’s Kingdom.

  107. Clovis says:

    May the Lord continue to bless TGSAT for the wonderful work they are doing. Long live TGSAT, long live the men and women in that institution the LORD is using to bless the many out there like me.

    Clovis N.,
    Current Student, DRE.

  108. G. Prasanna kumar says:

    I give my heartfelt thanks to God for establishing TGSAT to train christians biblically. TGSAT is best choice for every christian to learn Bible systematically and truly.

  109. Daniel says:

    I am so thankful for this amazing online distance graduate school. May the grace of God be with you all!!

    You are doing a wonderful job, and my God bless you to do more!!!

  110. Akpobome Diffre-Odiete says:

    The materials are greatly rich. I am enjoying my studies. God bless you.

  111. Moses George says:

    I am greatful for the unique opportunity offered to me by Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (TGSAT),to study for a ThD degree.

    This opportunity has opened a wide door for me to broaden my knowledge of theology and apologetics. Studying at TGSAT will go a long way to enhance my theological skills and make me a better Christian, preacher and seminary professor.

    The quality and standard of the contents of TGSAT courses can be compared to the best in the world, and I am really grateful for the opportunity to be enrolled as a student of this great institution.

    May God continue to multiply his grace upon Dr Johnson Philip, Dr Cherein, and all those who are part of the success of TGSAT.

    Moses George,
    ThD Student,

  112. Don McIntosh says:

    Years ago I remember searching for a way to somehow expand my theology and apologetics education without spending thousands or going (further) into debt. I thank God that I found such an opportunity at TGSAT. While the fees are minimal, however, the programs are in-depth and demanding, and for that reason, rewarding.

    Having completed my M.Div. back in 2008 and now beginning work toward a Dr.Apol. degree, I can say that the service provided by Drs. Philip and Cherian, and the others at TGSAT, is a great blessing to the body of Christ.

  113. Tricia-Anne Morris says:

    I am about to start the DMin. I am truly looking forward to it. Trinity has a great list of courses. I know this time will be very rewarding.

  114. TGSAT still setting the pace in different fora. Their impact on both sheep and shephered is eternal. Making you a mightier defender of the FAITH armed with spiritual education at its best and all these for FREE!
    TGSAT and her students have become envy of the world.

  115. Vilma says:

    Thanks to all those who are working hard to bring up this program selflessly without charging much from the candidates. The value of knowing the WORD OF GOD can’t be compared to anything we attain in life. As you all has been an immense blessing to many, May God’s peace and blessings rest upon you all!

  116. Brighton says:

    Thanks to the Almighty for inspiring trinity to strengthen the sword of the spirit . God bless

  117. Alexander Kwasi Oduro says:

    It is highly irrefutable that Trinity is second to none in Apologetics and Theological training. I am heavily indebted to Trinity for the free tuition! God bless the staff.

  118. Raphael Koomson says:

    I thought it was a dream but I still went ahead to apply and this is amazing… God bless TGSAT for this golden opportunity. I pray for more grace for TGSAT.

  119. Tony Morgan says:

    I believe strongly I am going to have wonderful study period with TGSAT

  120. Domingos Langa says:

    My year 2018 has started with the granted opportunity to study at TGSAT. I take this as a year gift because of the no-tuitio-fee charged. To some of us, getting good quality education come with a high pricetag. I am also very greatful to the Lord Jesus for the literature and the highly contented and broad study materials. This is a gift i will charish and an oportunity that i will do my best to honour.

  121. I want to use this opportunity to thank Dr. Johnson C. Philip and his awesome team at TGSAT for the unquantifiable service they are offering the world most especially to the Christian community by providing free theological and apologetics courses. The course materials are well researched, up-to-date, detailed, Bible based and at per with those you can find in the best universities on earth. In short, TGSAT prepares the whole man for wholesome living and ministry. I am proud to be studying with TGSAT. This study is really equipping me for a more rewarding service to God’s vineyard. I wholeheartedly recommend the school to anyone interested in uncompromising Christian training, fruitful Christian ministry and God glorifying apologetics. God richly bless Dr. Philip and TGSAT.

  122. Olugbenga Gbonjubola says:

    Many thanks to God and for the great team at Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology for this wonderful opportunity to study at the school at no cost for people from developing countries.

    Going through some of your course materials, I feel so elated and proud to be part of TGSAT.

    Thank you and welldone to the great team at TGSAT!

  123. Paul Judea Banda says:

    Trinity Graduate School is definitely an oasis in the dessert consisting of the underprivileged christian belt that is infertile in biblical education, especially those in developing countries. In this regard it provides water to the thirsty soul and manna to hungry students of God’s word. Thank for honoring the word of God and offering inexpensive and free Bible education and lifestyles.

  124. Patrick Jonathan Mwale says:

    Finally the dream has come true. It took me 3 years to identify a school that can sharpen my in depth knowledge and skills on Theology. Thanks Professor Fr. Damazio Ngoma if the Catholic University in Malawi for recommending this school and course for me. 2 years is not a lot of time, I will make it. The course is a perfect fit of my vision and aspiration of becoming among the highest trained theologians in Malawi. Trinity has all those qualities of a good school with passionate Lectures and Mentors.

  125. Rohith Krupal says:

    The modules and the materials are really worth and this is really a valuable course for free of cost. I will encourage others to join this.

  126. Jared Okello says:

    I was just going through the reading Materials, and i couldn’t help myself but to read and read. This books and material for the courses are worth reading and digesting through as a student of the Bible.

    I cant wait to see the significant transformation i will be experience. Thanks to the TGASTF TEAM.
    God bless you all.

  127. samuel Dkhar says:

    Thank God for TGSAT for their commitment to help people like me who are eager but less privileged to study regular D.Min courses. i feel so blessed to enroll with TGSAT. May God continually bless the TGSAT team.

  128. Emmanuel Matafwali says:

    Thank you TGSAT for the opportunity to study an MTh. Dr Johnson and Dr Cherian the Lord bless you for providing a means for many of us that cannot afford an average Theology Degree. As I embark on this journey I’m encouraged by Pastor Saidi Chishimba and Dr Billy Sichone (Zambia) who have gone before me. Powerful.

  129. Donald K. Stewart says:

    I had been enjoying my DRAPOL course but unable to locate all the materials after Assignment #41. Something went wrong when transferring information from one computer to another. I’m still trying to get some instructions from the Administration in order to complete this course, but not receiving any communication. What should I do?

  130. Donald K. Stewart says:

    I am presently a student in the Dr. Apologetics program and have been more than satisfied with my TGSAT learning experience. The study materials are rich, in-depth and extremely thought – provoking, while remaining deeply rooted to Biblical foundations. I have thoroughly enjoyed my studies and continue to tell others about this wonderful institution. I pray that graduates from TGSAT will use what they have learnt to make significant contributions to the Kingdom of God throughout the world. Thanks again for this great privilege and the opportunity provided to more accurately divide the Word of Truth.

  131. Agole Wilfred says:

    Peace be unto you.
    I am a you pastor from Ghana qho by the grace of God has established a theological seminary named world outreach pastor seminary. I am in search of a theological institution to affiliate our school to. An institution which can provide us with certificates and ministerial licences. Or partner with that institution. Hope to hear from you soon.

  132. Emmanuel Filian Istifanus says:

    I bless God Almighty for the opportunity to develop myself through TGSAT. I have sought for online Bible schools, but TGSAT is outstanding. Thank you for the opportunity Dr. Johnson C. Philip. I’m looking forward to have a great time here. God bless TGSAT.

    M.Div student

  133. Theotinus Rugaiyamu says:

    Than​​k you very much, Dr. Philip and Dr. Saneesh.

    You​​ ​have become more than academic mentor​s​ to me. You are father​s​ I never expected to meet in my life. I praise God for ​you!​!

    ​May the​ Lord repay you hundredfold for each and every effort you have ever invested in serving us!

  134. Anna Yulia says:

    Dear Dr Johnson C. Philip,

    Thank you for accepting me to be the student of DrApol at TGSAT. The syllabus is very comprehensive with very complete course modules. May the Lord bless your working hard for His kingdom through TGSAT. Praise the Lord.

  135. Cuthbert Nii Armah Attoh says:

    Seek and you will find said the Word of God. I have been seeking for the opportunity to steady the Bible more deeply to become a better tool for God to use. My such has finally yield results. TGSAT is the answer. I have received all the text materials. Thank you very much. God richly bless you. Glad to be your student.

  136. Akintola, Daniel Oyebode says:

    It is amazing to be privilege to receive scholarship for study in TGSAT. This seminary is great. I thank the management for granting me the opportunity to study in this seminary.I recommend this seminary for all the christian ministers in Africa to have their ministerial training here. God bless the management. God bless the entire TGSAT.

  137. Sam Shavers Jr says:

    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful to have been given tentative admission into the Doctor of Ministry program. Looking forward to getting started!!!

  138. Daniel Mugaviri says:

    I cannot thank you enough TGSAT, I am growing spiritually each and every day. I believe God directed me here for a reason. And the best thing is, i am benefiting a lot for free.

  139. Paul Judea Banda says:

    I read and hear a whole a lot of bragging by secular as well as theological institutes. But is TGSAT worth its salt, the textbooks it offers are in-depth as well as broad in their scope and the students are deemed as very important beings. I thank God and TGSAT management for offering me an opportunity to study theology and apologetics with them. The free text materials are really life-transforming and impacting me upon.

  140. Pete Bowen says:

    An incredible experience with the most wonderful people to support you through all of your studies. I was in a position where I almost had to back out but Dr Philip made it possible for me to continue without question

  141. Pete Bowen says:

    An incredible experience with the most wonderful people to support you through all of your studies. I was in a position where I almost had to back out but Dr Philip made it possible for me to continue without question. I highly recommend this school to anybody wishing to increase their knowledge and find a deeper meaning in their relationship with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

  142. Stephanie G says:

    I would like to thank Dr. Philip for everything he has done to help me start my studies at Trinity. I have been waiting for quite some time now to be able to delve into studying the Bible, Theology and Ministry, and I can now, with the help of Trinity and Dr. Philip, finally study what I have been led to. Thank you again for providing me with the opportunity to grow closer to God.

    May He bless all of you.

  143. Eyram Dzotepeh-Napoleon says:

    I thank God I finally received the complete textbooks. Though I am now commencing my studies, I see TGSAT to be very reliable. God bless the volunteers and instructors.

  144. Sam Shavers Jr. says:

    TGSAT is an academically qualified and conservative institution of higher learning. I highly recommend TGSAT to all who wish to do serious study of Theology and Apologetics. The faculty and staff are highly skilled and professional. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.
    Sam Shavers Jr. ThD (Cand)

  145. Dennis R. Tahadlangit says:

    It is a great privilege to study here. TGSAT is the best online Bible College that offers world-class education with its excellent and top quality materials. I’m very excited to browse all the FREE textbooks as I am confident that learning is at my finger tips.

  146. Moses George says:

    It is a great privilage to be offered the opportunity to study at Trinity Graduate school of Apologetics and Theology (TGSAT) for FREE. The institution offer courses that are academically and theologically sound, and còuld be compared to best any where in the world!

    Studying at TGSAT has sharpened and broadened my theological and academic perceptions,and I believe that all other students of this great citidal of knowledge will proudly say the same thing too!

    Moses George,
    (ThD Student)

  147. I have just received the textbooks for my course work in Doctor of Biblical Studies. It is very impressive. I will be spending much time working with these subjects. Thank you TGSAT for your many hours of hard work to prepare this.

  148. Dieudonne Niyonizerda says:

    The TGSAT is to my understanding second to none when it comes to offering correct , useful, rich and well planned courses in area of theology and biblical training offered online. The commitment of helping even those with limited resources is highly appreciated. Sound doctrine is offered here and I am proud of being part of it. Al the blessings!

  149. Justin Jones says:

    I have just joined this college and I’m already impressed. As soon as I paid the small registration fee, my books were sent to me the very next day. I have already attended a traditional college and obtained a lot of debt. I thank Trinity for all they do. Thank you for making seminary afordable.

  150. kudakwashe kwenda says:

    that is a dream come true. modules are loaded with good valuable theological staff. god bless the visionary and the volunteers as well.

  151. Israel Kojo Aglanu says:

    Having search the net for the passed seven years to study free distance theology, I discovered that almost all the online theological schools charge fees in one way or the other. But in the case of TGSAT, all the developing countries pay nothing. But enjoy free scholarship including free text books.
    Thank God for this opportunity to enrich my knowledge about the Bible and search is over!.

  152. Mathayo Said Ng'onye says:

    As the matter of fact, I have never ever come across with the best free online course allover than that found at trinity graduate school of apologetics and Theology. Take the course seriously and for sure you will enjoy the goodness of the materials offered.Some people take free materials as advitisment but this is not the case for TGSAT. If you read it seriously you will get the indepth knowladge you have never come across incase you have not done apologetics and theology before.
    I congratulate all TGSAT voluntier staffs for their concern.
    I suggest all students wishing to study Free online Degree course to joint Trinity collage.

  153. Kweku Yankson says:

    Please, I filled the initial application waiting for response to complete my application

  154. Ayorinde Adeboye says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to study theology in your school, it is a dream come true. I appreciate every volunteer who are working tirelessly to support this mission. I got all my textbooks downloaded free, tuition free and all ready to start studying for my bachelor in ministry. I pray to finish strong. God bless the entire management of trinity school of apologetics and theology.

  155. Dear Dr. Philip,

    Such a great course, I have learned so much on apologetics and it has been eye-opening, “In the beginning was Logic…” John 1:1 Not just Words, but Logic, how great!

    God bless!

  156. Albert says:

    Please is admission still in progress ?

  157. Dr Bowman Jere says:

    Thanks for the free offer of theological training. I want to study Doctor of theology and apologetics. Please enroll me. I am 72 years and a tutor at a Bible College.

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