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Distance education in biblical studies has led us to agree either that (1) it is essential for the well-being of the educational process or that (2) it should be underwritten by donations from church bodies. While we may never agree on both of these points, the need to make this kind of distance education available to people worldwide is undeniable. While it may be in the best tradition of biblical scholarship it can no longer be done from one geographical center. We are in a new age when learning can be done virtually from any place on the planet and this trend is starting to see the light of the day. Can the term virtual distance education be applied in this case? To some degree, yes, while to some degree it cannot be. This is because the biblical scholars making this kind of distance learning available are not traveling from their normal school campuses to other locations but rather are doing so in their free time from home or from remote locations through the use of video conferencing.

Theological training must be made more accessible. We place too much emphasis on receiving instruction delivered face to face, and many people viewed this as the only true “training”. The reality is that while many can certainly benefit from the applications of biblical scholarship, the work in the field needs to be done by anyone with a good theological imagination and skillset. Teaching in seminary is a form of teaching beyond denominational boundaries, especially at the doctoral level, and requires preparation- both prior to taking the training and another way after it appears on the classroom floor. (Approaches such as sorts of augmentation studies/simultaneous programmes using third places and online resources is another important area it must be mentioned. Academia in all its disciplines is uniquely positioned to contribute and contribute to the joyful encounter God demands from his people. For almost 2,500 years, the scholarly mind has sought the answers that will satisfy critics, pupils, and students alike. In many ways, we have always served as “Noah’s ark” when we refused to bow down to the divine riddle, to submit and be saved, and rather, explored and enabled the God-givenio to resist internal and external pressures that often proved to be too strong or too subtle to be surmounted. We’re still not safe to assume that when we put our hands up in the presence of God, either in prayer, meditation, or in professing our faith, that we are truly wavering.

Graduating students of TGSAT enter missions, or reach counterparts overseas who learn from those they trained. A field trip becomes a way of life. Passion becomes a way of life as an educator in a foreign land learns the country’s ways and culture. The student then seeks further education following a similar path that has prepared them well for missions and overseas learning. The preaching and teaching needs to be oriented towards the Holy Land, the core truths of God’s Word, clear witness, and careful thought put towards a relationship with the people.

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