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It is common these days for Christians to meet people who are hostile to Bible, Christianity, and the Gospel. Rationalists, Muslims, Secular Humanists, Cultists, etc. are at the forefront of attacking the Christian faith. Even a lot of Radical Christians are there who claim to be “Christians” but who use every available opportunity to attack the fundamental tenets of Christian faith.

More than 150 Christian organizations have come up worldwide to counter this threat. All of them offer qualified speakers who are able to present lectures on various aspects of Bible, Science, Evolution, Archaeology, Polemics, and Apologetics. Many of them publish popular magazines, and some of them even publish very high quality technical journals. All of this has very highly benefited the Christian community, and now more and more people are getting interested in Christian Apologetics.

Trinity Graduate School Of Apologetics is part of the growing community of Christian Apologetics ministries. This school aims at training people in the art of apologetics, so that they could use all the available resources to fight the increasing attacks directed against the Christian faith.

History: Trinity School Of Apologetics is an offshoot of Philip Communications and the Creation Research And Apologetics Society Of India, which have been functioning since 1970. Right from the time it was founded, it was affiliated to Calvin Research Group, a Theological-education Think-tank.

With its base in India, branches of this School have been reaching students all over the world. Over the years thousands of students have completed the various correspondence courses offered by this group. However, these courses were meant only for the lay people, and not for the purpose of training Apologists.

The Distance Education courses offered by Trinity, on the other hand, are meant for a more mature audience, and they furnish a deeper and higher level of training. And this also has attracted students from all over the world. Trinity School is now accessible through mail and also through the Internet, because the people behind this School have a great burden to make this training available to the largest number of people. Mail and Internet have been identified as the best media for that.

Goals And Uniqueness: Our goal is train up 500 students per year worldwide in the art and science of Christian Apologetics. There has never been a time when there was so much apathy within the Evangelical community and so much attacks from outsiders. At the same time, there has never been a better time to start defending the Christian faith. Hundreds of organizations have come up all over the world to defend the Christian faith. Even some secular magazines have begun to show interest in Christian themes provided they are presented in a professional format.

The men at Trinity have developed a unique approach to defend the Christian faith. Taking the best from all schools of Christian Apologetics, we have developed what is known as the “10 Basic Tools Of Apologetics”. Though labeled “basic”, these are extremely powerful tools even in the hands of a novice in apologetics. Thus any student enrolling for any of our courses has to study these tools.

In keeping with its desire to train the maximum number of people, Trinity has kept its courses tuition-free. All essential textbooks are supplied FREE on CDs. We pay the royalties and other expenses for these textbooks out of the registration amount received by us. A vast repository of apologetic and theological resources are also made available on the CD. We expect our students to take a strong stand for the Historical Christian Faith, defending it without hesitation or shame.

Doctrinal Position: Trinity School Of Apologetics is theologically a conservative institution. Thus we are in broad agreement with all conservative statements of faith. The core faculty all come from a group of New Testament pattern churches, widely labeled in India as the Brethren Assemblies. Men belonging to this group are well-known for their theological scholarship and depth of scriptural knowledge.

In addition, we are dispensational in outlook, and encourage condemnation of all heresy and compromise. The very purpose of our training is to equip students to defend the fundamentals of Christian faith. Though Trinity School is Dispensational and Conservative in outlook, this does not restrict the admission to people who agree with us. We do admit people from all doctrinal persuasions and impart all the tools to them, and all the while hope to win all of them to our doctrinal persuasion. It does work in most cases, though not in all. This does not disappoint us. In keeping with the spirit of inquiry, students are graded on the basis of their academic achievement, not on the basis of agreement of disagreement with us.

Courses Available: Though Trinity School Of Apologetics stands in the tradition of the most orthodox Christian apologists, the presentation of our courses is totally different from the way it is done in traditional programs in Apologetics. Rather than spend the lion’s share of time on learning “what” Christian apologists claim, we devote the major part of our syllabus to the “how” of the subject. Historical surveys then supplement this knowledge. In this way the student quickly masters the “10 tools of Apologetics” specially developed by apologists connected to Trinity.

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    I cannot locate the students forum, introductions and the threads.

  3. Philip Stevens says:


    Dr. Phillips told me they are restructuring the website because of security reasons. So be patient or contact your Mentor for further guidance. I enjoyed the forum and hope it’s included in the new design.
    God bless,
    Philip T. Stevens,
    DBS Candidate, Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics & Theology.

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    I pray may God bless your service to provide leaders of the churches every where with knowledge .Rev.Joseph

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    This is the wonderful services

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    The method of study here at Trinity is very conducive to learning. I appreciate the blessing and the sacrifices that have been and are being made by the leaders of Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology.

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