Where Can I Get Free Theological Training

001My large number of net-based friends have some idea that I am involved in some kind of internet-based free theological education. Thus I frequently receive emails asking me “Sir, where can I get free theological education and training”. I always tell them to try Trinity Graduate School with one caveat, “search for it on the net at the same time”.

I do it because today numerous institutions offer free theological training via the net. At the same time, the quality of most of them is simply wanting. That is where their comparative  study of Trinity with other institutions immediately convinces them that TGSAT is different.

Our emphasis is not only on free theological training, but also on QUALITY theological instruction without charging a fees. We ensure the quality in many ways. The first one is to offer a world-class faculty. The second is to offer all textbooks free of cost in downloadable format so that all our students get a vast amount of theological textbooks and resources. The third is to offer ongoing guidance.

Also, we offer an open-textbook exam, and surprising to most students it tends to be more difficult than normal exams. As a whole, this ensures that we offer a very high quality theological instruction and training.

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  1. Biniyam Fikadu Geleta says:

    I really want to appreciate what you did for the developing country students. I’m starting to enjoy the Theology and Ministry classes in this site and encouraging other to shape their theological view point by learning on this site. I don’t have to express my thanks for your offerings, just God bless your works in His kingdom.

  2. I an a Ugandan who wants to study free theology on line, please let me know how to apply.

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