Why A Free Bible College?

004We live in an era saturated with education. People pay through their nose to get good higher education. Thus it is natural to ask why it is necessary to have free Bible Colleges for the same generation. The question is legitimate, and I will try to answer it as briefly as possible.

Actually there are plenty of Bible Colleges where people have to pay through their nose to study there. However, these Bible institutes are able to cater only to an extremely affluent microscopic minority among Christians. On the other hand, the majority of Christians today hail from countries where they cannot afford this kind of fees. In fact what a single student student pays in one year is often sufficient to support an entire FAMILY for two years or more in the poor countries.

A large number Christians from these countries would love to have good quality training. They can get it only if there are free Theology Seminaries. What is more, even in the more affluent countries now there is a substantial population of jobless, retired, and single-income families where they wish to study the Bible but can study only if there is no tuition fees. The current recessions also has made it necessary to have no tuition Bible seminaries.

Trinity has taken all the above factors into consideration and has decided to make its courses available on no tuition fees basis. At the same time, Trinity does not compromise on quality.

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