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002Potential students, and also our regular supporters of our seminary, often ask why we offer graduate level theology courses for free. They feel that people should be willing to finance their higher education. While that is right, Trinity strongly feels that it ought to make an allowance for people who are unable to pay.

Trinity gets a large number of applications from people who can fully finance a modest fees, but we also get a very large number of applications from pastors from rural areas with very low income, physcially challanged people, those who are unable to work full-time, missionaries, pastors, and Bible teachers from very poor countries, etc. All of them have a great desire to study theology, but they have no capacity to finance their education. They need a program where there is no fees.

Trinity offers no fees programs because we feel that someone has to care for the whole body of Christ. Thus we offer tuition free, or no tuition programs. Our bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs in theology, apologetics, divinity, and ministry are all free. There is no tution fees. There is no hidden fees.  Students from developed countries pay a nominal registration, but they pay no fees. Students from poorest of the poor countries are exempted even from that. They pay no fees at all.

Trinity is proud of its stand that we offer graduate programs in theology totally free of cost. This is a totally free distance bible school and college.

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  1. Anthony W. Chamblin says:

    I am interested in information about your Theology degree?

    • This school is full of Spirit. I graduated in August 2012 with my Bachelor of Ministry. Working on my Masters in Divinity. The application process is easy.

      Peace in the valley,

      Calvin Dodson (Bmin)

  2. oscar lusimbo says:

    praise God can i join your collage

  3. Iam pastor Samuel Masungwini of Fire revival christian centre,based at Mavambe village,Limpopo province in South Africa.I would humble ask to be enrolled on the free bible distance training course.As i have started the church because of God’s calling,but didn’t have an opportunity to the bible school,because of financial difficulties.Postal address is Po box 1693 Malamulele 0982 Limpopo province,South Africa.Contact no+27839415530 ,email address firerevivalchristiancentre@yahoo.co.za

  4. otieno okemwa says:

    Let me have information om masters degree in biblical studies
    otieno okemwa-kenya

  5. otieno okemwa says:


  6. I seeking whether Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology offers consideration for life experience, in conjunction with my formal (MA) graduate schooling. This is in regards to my interest in your D.Min in Apologetics program. If so, my website offers an overview of some of my apologetic writings, personal/educational qualifications, and extensive ministry background over the past two decades.

    In Christ,
    James Pannafino

  7. Lydiah Were says:

    Thank you for this great initiative, many of us are in the ministry to serve God in the poor third world countries with very little indepth understanding of Gods word. am interested in the graduate program to serve God and my community to Christ in a better way – Kenya

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      Thank you very much for your response to Why Free ‘Graduate Theology Programs’ of TGSAT. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology has pioneered net-based free theological courses. We do not charge any tuition fees. All textbooks are given free of cost. Over the years this has enabled us to offer Bible School training to numerous theology students from the poorest among the poor countries.

      • Adesina Samuel Jones says:

        I am a beneficiary of doctoral programs
        THANK you
        Rev.A Samuel Kayode
        Lagos Nigeria
        I love to further my studies in Th.D
        DRE 0010010017

  8. Amankwa Eric says:

    A Ghanaian and servant of God at Presbyterian Church of Ghana -Ascension Congregation,Akwatia .I had the call at the age of 10years and have served God and mankind up to date. I hold certificate in prophetic ministry ,degree in Engineering physics and Diploma in Education majored in guidance and counseling.I would like to find out if i can enroll in the master of theology programme by distance. Currently am residing in Finland as a student in photonics and wants to study the theology programme by distance.Regards

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      We are always happy to hear from our students and potential students of our free programs. TGSAT or Trinity Graduate School for Apologetics and Theology is a pioneer in free theological education and degree programs in ministry.

  9. Chris says:

    How much is the registration fee for US applicants?

    • Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

      Kindly send a no-obligation application for full informaiton

      • Rev. Ivan Muramuzi says:

        Am inquiring about the application process. Interested in Doctoral studies.
        Based in Uganda, with BA, MTheology and Special Certificate in Theology.
        Priest in Anglican Church o Uganda.

  10. Michael Rosko says:

    I have sent an application to Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology several times, however I have not heard from the school. I would like to study BDS. How do I make the connnection.

    Thank You,
    Michael (USA)

  11. The reason why I am asking God and you to give me this help is that I am in full time ministry my wife and I , after the war in our country we were blessed to have a informer training from some missionary and God help us to planned seven churches with leaders under us by God grace, and we can’t rase the funds to send me for study so I am seeking help from you to help feed the sheep with the right grass,
    I will love if I am bless to start you can visit and see the true.

  12. Chris Shultz says:

    Were it now for the dedication of instructors and staff to provide this free training, I would not be in a position to pursue my ministry goals.

  13. peter maina njeri says:

    Am grateful to join fee theology education God bless you

  14. peter maina njeri says:


  15. peter maina njeri says:


  16. peter maina njeri says:


  17. Chinedu Onyechere says:

    Thank God for your free graduate program mes in Theology. I need to do Bachelor’s Degree and after that , my Masters/Doctorate. Thanks. Guide me on how to start online

  18. Gerson Fumbuka says:

    I recently completed my ThD courses and am waiting to graduate from this free online education which is nowhere to be found. It is self paced and instructed by experienced and spiritual filled supervisors. It is only Jesus Christ accredits you.

    • Rev. Ivan Muramuzi says:

      How is graduation done? Do graduands need to travel to India? Do you have particular gowns? Please let me know.

  19. Gerson Fumbuka says:

    Why do you have to pay a lot of money to study Theology? Or in that matter to study about Divinity?
    Please join a free online study on all matters regarding creations of God. Free we have been given and free it is offered by TGSAT.
    1 Corinthians 1:25 24but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. 25For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength. 26Brothers, consider the time of your calling: Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were powerful; not many were of noble birth.…

  20. Bertrand Smith says:

    TGSAT is undoubtedly the best online school that I have found. If you have any thoughts of an online degree you will come to see as I did that you will find no better available study than that at TGSAT. Find your niche at TGSAT. You won’t be sorry.

  21. Thank you TGSAT for offering me free BTH and DBS courses , i love undertaking the studies and they are making my scriptural understating better. be blessed

  22. James Sunday Obanwo says:

    Bless the Lord for your wonderful work.
    I would like to continue my Religious Education through your Seminary.
    I have these qualifications:
    1.Diploma of Biblical Studies (ISOM),
    2.Certificate of Recognition (World Bible School).
    Kindly suggest appropriate course and level.
    Would appreciate enrolment form and necessary details.
    James, Nigeria

  23. Chipo mujawo says:

    I’m interested in enrolling for a master’s degree in Divinity with your institute how do I go about it.

  24. Rev. Ivan Muramuzi says:

    How is graduation done? Do graduands need to travel to India? Do you have particular gowns? Please let me know.

  25. I have obtained a BRE degree from AME University College.
    I am greatly interesting for a Master degree in the area of TGSAT, I hope this meet your urgent attention.
    I await your positive response.

  26. Raphael Phiri says:

    Greetings.l would like to do a Masters in Religious Studies.l have a BTh from College of Bible Theology USA,an Associate Degree in Bible Theology from College of Bible Theology and a Bachelor of Ministry from Team lmpact Christian Univ.Please respond quickly.

  27. edward moore says:

    I am applying for the doctor in biblical studies and the doctor in theology I currently have a BS degree in Christian ED, with several hours in Theology and English Bible. I also have a MA in education.

    My Christian experience includes 40 years as pastor of Berean Bible Church where I continue to serve;6 years as teacher, and vice-president of Carver Bible Institute. During this time I also spent 13 years co=founder and administrator of Carver Christian Day School.

    Please let me know as soon as possible. I am very interested. Thank you.

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