Why Free Textbooks For Seminary Courses

Bible04Trinity has made it a point to supply all textbooks totally free through downloads. Many people ask us why we do this. It is not sufficient, they say, to provide free and no tuition theology degree training programs. We agree, but we have a reason for our approach.

Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is the first school on the net which started offering totally tuition free bible, theology and ministry programs. We started with distance programs at bachelors level, but then we moved on to masters and doctoral level programs, becoming a complete distance Bible School and seminary in that process. As we progressed to that level and as we continually interacted with our students, it became clear that many of them live in remote areas where there are no bookshops, let alone Christian bookshops. Also, many of them come from countries that are dominated by non Christian religions and there is practically no theological publishing or selling.

These students found it impossible to buy books for their studies, and many had to drop their studies merely because of this reason. Many of them even appealed to us for help. This made us realize that we need to find some source of supplying free textbooks to our students if our mission to train everyone without tuition fees is to be fulfilled. We then started looking for textbooks on the net, and many organizations gladly allowed us to use their electronic textbooks free of cost.

Initially we distributed these theology textbooks on CDs, but eventually we discovered that distributing them via net-download was the fastest and most economical method to supplement our free theology degree programs. Today students from anywhere around the world can enroll in Trinity and can obtain not only tuition-free degrees in Bible and Theology, but they can also get all their textbooks totally free.

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  1. Trinity is real. I am a witness. I completed my Bachelor of Theology last year and I’m now doing Master of Religious Education. The text books are fantastic, second to none and FREE. God bless you Dr. Philips and your team.


    I am happy for this opportunity given me to study and do ministry better. Thanks for the scholarship!
    I have downloaded all my text books and going on with my studies. God Bless TRINITY!

  3. De Wtt Moffatt III says:

    Where can I find the Doctrinal Statement of beliefs for Trinity?

  4. Emmanuel Mulenga says:

    I would like to enrol in the school of Bachelor of Ministry degree.

  5. Rev. Jamers Crawford says:

    I was accepted to take courses about 6 years ago and due to time constrains and other courses I was taking for ordination I was not able to start working on the degree from Trinity.
    I would like to restart now since things have calmed down and I have time to work on the courses.
    Please advise,
    Thank you
    Pastor James Crawford

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