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Why Free Theology Textbooks

EarthTrinity is an online theological seminary that offer online bible, theology, apologetics, counseling and ministry training.  Most applicants to this free online bible school are very happy about what we do, and are highly pleased to hear that all our theology textbooks are given free to them. They write and tell us that while there are many online schools, and while many of them offer degrees online, that none of them offers textbooks free of cost. They wonder why we do this.

The founders of Trinity had several considerations when they started this free online bible school. They felt that a seminary school of this type should make it easy for students to get their Christian education without having to struggle for basics – such as gathering of textbooks. They also felt that if all what they need for their Christian education can be arranged by us, then their theological training will be more easy.

We established this theological seminary and started offering free theology courses with the above in mind. This immediately resulted in a great interest from students from all over. Today we have students from more than 140 countries around the world. If a certain country has failed to send students, that is either because of legal restrictions or because of the non availability of the Internet. Thus we are very happy that we are able to make theological education totally free of tuition fees, and also easy to join and and get resource.

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  1. This is good that online bible school is started. Also they provide free of cost education for bible studies. Good work. Keep it up!

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