Why Is TGSAT A Free Online Bible School

6The Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology came up as the result of several decades of free bible studies and free online schools run by us. It was in 1970 that we started the first free bible course in the form of cyclostyled lessons that were sent by mail. Eventually it became clear to us that free distance courses in bible and theology are the need of the hour.

Eventually we started distributing free bible school lessons in printed format. The arrival of internet in the 1990s made it clear to us that now is the time for us to fulfil our dream to launch a distance online bible school/college or distance online theology seminary that can offer free bible, theology, and ministry degrees. The moment we launched Trinity, students from around the world started applying for our free bachelors degrees in theology. There was also a great demand for masters and doctoral courses in bible, theology, ministry, apologetics and counselling. The first thing we did then was to take stock of the demand. We found that there is a great demand for free online distance programs in the following areas:

  • Free Online Bible College Courses
  • Free Online Theological Seminary Courses

We then studied the actual programs and areas of specialization in which people were interested and found a great demand for

  • Free Distance Bachelor of Theology Programs
  • Free Distance Master of Theology Programs
  • Free Distance Doctor of Theology Programs

By this time we already had in-house specialization to offer all the above programs. What is more, our background in Christian Education was already very solid. With these in mind we launched a Christian Theological Seminary. There was no tuition fees right from the start. A great emphasis was given on best quality in bible and theological studies. Free bible and theology textbooks were made available via internet downloads. This is how Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology eventually became the best distance seminary in the world and we invite you to look around this site to know more about our highly quality free Bible and theology bachelors, masters and doctoral programs.



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  1. Cosmas Mwila Ng'andwe says:

    Christian greetings.I have been blessed by the atticle on your web and i would love to read more.From Zambia.

  2. James Crawford says:

    I am not able to afford the cost of a doctorate here in the US. I found TGSAT over 10 years ago and watched it carefully to see if it would be there when I could do the necessary study to obtain a higher degree. Also quite aa number of the pastors I work with are from Asia and have graduate degrees from outside the US. I believe this will improve our working relationships.
    I am pleased to be accepted and appreciate the work of those at TGSAT.

  3. Aloma Jones says:

    Good day, I would like to do a doctorate with your free online course

  4. Sir please include me i want to undergo my dream to be in bible school taking bth says:

    Please include me sir philip hope you consider me…thank you sir…

  5. Edrubin says:

    Please consider me i want to be a student of bth…

  6. Pastor Sushil Kumar Nayak says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am from Odisha, India.I am interested to undergo MTh training. Kindly allow me to join.

    Mob: 9437280748 ; E-mail : sushilbbsr5@gmail.com

    Sushi Kumar Nayak

  7. David Kennedy says:

    Would someone contact me about registration. 7192165393

  8. Rev Canon Adeleke Joseph Oluwasanmi says:

    Please I want to register for a doctorate program.

  9. How will l be admitted

  10. Emmanuel Amoah Frank says:

    Please i want to register for doctorate program.

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