Why No-tuition Theology Programs?

16This is a perpetual question and it keeps coming to me: why does Trinity offer no-tuition or free- tuition programs even in this twenty-first century. Most of those who as these questions begin with the assumption that today everyone is affluent-enough to pay a fees and study. However, this is a totally false assumption because while affluence has increased worldwide, the number of people who cannot pay any fees has also increased correspondingly.

For example, we frequently get letters from people who have only a small disability pension, single-parents with several children to look after, and many similar kind of people who have a great desire to study Bible and theology but they do not have funds to pay tuition fees demanded by Bible Colleges or Theological Seminaries. Thus a provision has to be made to offer them biblical and theological training without charging them tuition fees.

There are also many who wish to become missionaries and pastors but they have no money to pay tuition fees. The number of people from all these categories put together is staggering – of people who need a free biblical and theological education and training. Thus free seminary school,  or free online seminary schools are a must. What is more, such free seminaries should offer the full range that is available in Bible schools everywhere. This is what makes us to offer all our program free and without tuition fees.

The following bible, theology, ministry, apologetics and counselling programs are available at present

  • Bachelors bible, theology, ministry, apologetics and counselling programs
  • Masters bible, theology, ministry, apologetics and counselling programs
  • Doctoral bible, theology, ministry, apologetics and counselling programs

A special feature is free degrees in Biblical Archeology and Christian Apologetics. Please take some time to explore Trinity programs.

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