Will A Degree Ensure A Job

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Question: Will a degree from Trinity ensure me a job or ministry placement. What is the record of your graduates.

Answer: The purpose of Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is NOT to offer job-oriented programs. TGSAT is here only to enrich you and equip you through theological and biblical education, and not to make you job-worthy.

Join Trinity only if your primary purpose is to:

  • Enrich yourself spiritually
  • Prepare yourself for greater influence in the world through a better understanding of Bible and theology
  • Prepare yourself as a better tool of the Holy Spirit


If you seek theological training primarily for job placement or professional appointment then:

  • Look for an institution in your own country
  • Do not look for free training. Preparing a student for the job-market is an extremely commercialized operation and no tuition-free institution can do such a thing for you

If you are looking for the track record of our students then:

  • You are looking at the wrong institution
  • We do not keep a record of the commercial success of our students because the purpose of Trinity is not to train you for a job of any kind.


In summary, if you are looking for theological training to equip yourself for the job market in your country, then look to an institution in your own country and be ready to pay $250 to 500 per credit hour for a minimum of 30 to 45 credit hours of study. Trinity does not charge you any tuition-free and is not here to equip you for any kind of job. We are here only to teach the Scriptures.

Trinity graduates have done exceptionally well in all walks of life, but we would not use that as a selling-point of Trinity. Rather, we would want you to look at our academic and spiritual quality and apply only on the basis of that.


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  1. stacey says:

    at the end of the course do you offer a certificate of completion or something…

  2. Pastor Rick lacy says:

    I thank GOD for this school and pray he will richly bless you for I know he will meet all of your needs,

  3. I greatly thank GOD for this institution and the wonderful people who offered their time to be used by GOD to invest in my life. I pray that GOD blesses you as a team and specially shield HIS comfort and strength on Dr. J.C. Philip. May you fulfill your purpose as it was written long before you came to being.

  4. Praise God to this kind of ministry!
    I know that God is using this institution to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ!


    Glory to God in the highest!Amen

  5. Moses George says:

    May God bless those who started Trinity. I strongly believe that lots of people in Africa where I live, and else where would benefit immensely from this great institution.

  6. Prince Dzandu says:

    Ministry work are not for sale! i think Trinity Bible College is exceptional. As they continue free service to God, God will bless them. i also share the idea, degree in the word of God is a great achievement but must not be used as a means to earn money. What you sow, you shall reap.
    Let us with faithful hearts do the work of God.
    God Bless you.

  7. violet cruz says:

    This is an exceptional course and has increased my understanding of the word of God profoundly. I am waiting anxiously for the doctorate material. God is smiling on these people who have worked so hard to put these courses together.

  8. Sithon Thipphavong says:

    thank God that Trinity gives us grace,and mercy. we do not deserve this , because i am from poor country. i will use my degree for effective ministry. not for making money.

  9. Iam ready to study at Trinity for what she is ,but just curious if certificates are given after completion of studies

  10. jered f says:

    how would you get started i am new at the computer bht i would like to talk for a few min

  11. Joel Muricho Nakitare says:

    Thanks I have started the course – Bachalor of Theology. I have started knowing alot.

  12. Dr. John Edwards, EdD says:

    Does the school offer an actual diploma and transcript upon successful graduation?

  13. Amanda Jones says:

    Is there any type of certificate when you finish up?

  14. Khetwayo Banda says:

    You are doing a great work Trinity-keep it up! Students from poor countries,like Malawi, cannot always afford tuition and other types of fees in other theological institutes. I am a proud student of Trinity.

  15. Rev. Youchan Kim says:

    I feel comfortable after reading this honest and truthful response, and so I could say that this school is trustworthy. God bless you!!

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