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Inerrancy[A Bible seminary In Every Home] The Protestant Reformation ushered in a time of great intellectual freedom in Europe. As it usually happens, freedom made Christians slack while it also made the anti-Christian aggressive and ferocious. They launched a multi-pronged attacks against the Christian faith. On one hand they gradually captured many key academic positions in European Universities. On the other hand they launched an aggressive philosophical and academic assault against the Christian faith.

Their basic contention was that the Bible is a book full of error. They invented numerous theories, propagted an unbelievable range of lies, and popularized numerous philosophies – all meant to discredit the Bible. Unfortunately, many people fall for this kind of propaganda, though there is not a shred of evidence for their false theories.

This book, authored by Dr. Saneesh Cherian and me, introduces you to the history, background, and then to the inerrancy of the Bible. Download, read, and circulate this ebook freely.

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  1. james says:

    Good motion in promoting word of GOD,you will be remembered all of you for the work you did.

  2. Thank for this good works. May the grace of God continue to abound towards you and the ministry, you continue to be sufficient in all things and at all time, so that will continue to abound unto good works. Glory to God Almighty

  3. Neil Hiebert says:

    A very nice addition to your educational assistance; thanks.





  6. frank yeboah adusei says:

    i would be very glad if you could furnish me with your complementary copies of your books on Muslim apologetics or any other books that may help me to understand Christianity better.
    my postal address is :

    frank y. adusei
    p.o. box sn 458
    santasi – kumasi

    thank you and may God richly bless you.

  7. Chris Joseph says:

    This e-book on Ideas and consequencies is worth more than US$10,000 to me.Kudos to you Doctors!

  8. Chris Joseph says:

    It’s highly inspirational and educative.

  9. kealeboga says:

    wow thats a good motivation continue inspiring us God bless you all

  10. Kehinde Marcus Akinsola says:

    Dear Sir,

    I will like to have ebooks on Bible Study.
    Thanks for your Godly assistance

  11. gezu mossissa says:

    thank you for your free bible teaching in around the world specially for ethiopians like who do not have money to afford .it is the greatest work that God wants from us goe bless you

  12. Sabir Ali says:

    May God continue bless you and this great ministry..

  13. Nathaniel Godslean says:

    Great i you reward in heaven, because you are given sound doctrine for no charges.

  14. Davies Mulenga says:

    its amazing to get all this important material for free. the books and the other material i have had access to has changed my life am no longer the same. May God richly bless you for a wonderful job you are doing

  15. Bowatner m watchman says:

    My earnest prayer is that through this course materials as that of Murray may challenge our spirits for us to rise up and pick the mantel of healing to our challenging world of today as in the days of Murray so that the Gospel of Christ will not rest on words only but on the manifestation power of the Holy GHOST.

  16. Dr. Stanley V. John says:

    unable to download spurgeon book-

  17. God bless you, for your good work and the knowledge you have shared with those who want to know the truth. Had it not being your ministry many couln’t have afford for such a knowledge. You are an answer to many prayers.

  18. Beloved Dr,
    Your E- books are rich in facts and very inspirational, Thank you for your selection of books, they are valuable materials and educative. May the Lord Himself bless you.

  19. S.BABU KUMAR says:

    Dear Sirs, Please send this course in postal address if any available.
    S.Babu Kumar,
    S/O. D.Sivaih,
    L.B.Puram Village,
    Narigapalli Post,
    Chittoor Mandal&District,
    cell 9949961236.South India.

  20. S.BABU KUMAR says:

    I have not receive if any one

  21. ebenezer sarfo adjei says:

    God richly bless you.this is a great opportunity for me to learn a lot of things

  22. BENJAMIN AKITA says:


  23. I have just received the e-book. God bless you richly for such works.

  24. Bowatner Mbaimoun Watchman says:

    How many are far away from this truths, and how can we bring many to the desire of having life changing facts that this books connote. That’s my cry.God bless you Doc,, in all efforts and work of sacrifice. I’m one of the evidence of your good works that the Lord Jesus Christ has transform through your daily efforts and hard work.

  25. Sithon Thipphavong says:

    it is good book of prayer,and it helps us get closer to God, and it challange us as students to seppend more time in prayer, becase we might not have enought time for that.

  26. David Akurugu says:

    Your books have widened my scope of knowledge in christianity as a preacher and teacher.I will loved to have more ebooks on apologetics.My difficulty however is that I’m having problems downloading most of the books.

    My Address is:David Akurugu,P.O.Box AF 1901, Adenta,Accra,Ghana,West Africa.


    I’ve received it. Many thanks.

  28. Nathainel Godslean says:

    Thanks for the insight about prayer

  29. Isucceeded in downloading the ebook awaiting the commncement of studies proper.Thank you sir.

  30. The downloading was as fast possible.Thank you for this wonderful offer.

  31. God bless you and trinity school.Indeed,may God establish the work of your hand for you.Thanks

  32. Sithon Thipphavong says:

    thank you for the books

  33. Shinu P Kuruvila says:

    The topic Christians and Astrology is one of the most need book at the present era. i wish every one should read this.
    the authors are great for producing such a worthy book

  34. Hon. Dr. Immanuel Bofomo Nyirenda, Ph.D, MP says:


  35. Maikeli Tokalauvere says:

    What an inspirational book, Christians & Astrology. It is an evident of whats happening today in few of our christian churches today, in which their teaching mainly based on prosperity, and when members dreams are not answered, they tend to resort to other unGodly things, ie – Numerology, fortune Teller, Astrology etc. Exodus 20:3 – You shall have no other God before me.

    May God continue to Bless you and your colleague for the good work.

  36. I hope this title is very important for any christian and the book will creat the unity of trinity to know the hidden word in the Bible. Most of the people in the world doesn’t know about trinity. It is very important to know the trinity unity in the Bible from book. I bless the trinity school.God bless them and also to the writer.

    Temesgen from Norway

  37. Dear brother and my friend in Christ,
    I’m a doctoral student in Early Christian History. I would appreciate any materials you could provide that will help in my research. I have already taken most of your courses and completed many that you directed me to download as a student of yous. Each ad every course was exciting, detailed, and comprehensive. I highly recommend them to my friends and colleagues across the internet. Thank you so very much for your dedication and perseverance in the Lord.
    Dr. Wesley B Rose, ThD, DD

  38. JNETTE says:


  39. Neeron says:

    thanks:) just downloaded it and am looking forward to studying.

  40. What a great service your are rendering to humanity. you reach millions through technology with sound doctrine. God richly bless you all. I hope all users will use the valuable information to the glory of God and not for our own personal financial gains

  41. Yon Renee Woodson Awoonor Renner says:

    To: The Doctors Saneesh Cherian and Johnson C. Philip

    Thank you for this book on “Tongues.” It will certainly
    aid in my explanation of glossolalia and xenoglossia in
    biblical studies.

    May the One Infinite Creator continue to bless you and yours at the Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology.

  42. Dr. Atapia O. Atapia says:


  43. Pst. Alfred N. A.Tackie Quaye says:

    Thanks for the great book. I have started reading it and it is very educative. I will encourage everyone to read this book. God bless you.

  44. Billy Sichone says:

    Great, succinct and definitive statement on Tongues Biblically! Long over due. Once I begun, did not stop until I completed the 25 page document!!!

  45. Alicia says:

    I am really interested in getting a bachelor degree but it won’t let me look into the last two degrees you offer. How can I read more about the last two bachelor degrees?

  46. Tk Munaani says:

    finished while i was still wanted to hear more. thanks for that be blessed

  47. Daniel Olaniru says:

    While I appreciate the effort of the authors in this book, I still holds the belief that “whatever has original must have the counterfeit”, so that tongues counterfeit are around is a good proof that there is real tongue. May God help us. Amen.

  48. Antonio says:

    Thanks so much! This is one of the best books I’ve ever downloaded online.

  49. Paluku Damiri says:

    Thanks a lot for the work you are doing.Books you send me help me preparing my lessons for our Bible school.It is quite a blessing

  50. Jeff says:

    I have been reading some of the free ebooks in an attempt to decide if I should do a course at Trinity. I have to say that I am astonished and encouraged that so much free material is available for free. I subscribed to the email updates and recently read “The Inerrancy of yhe Bible”. After reading therein that Fuller Seminary was regarded as having succumbed to Neo-Orthodoxy I was so surprised that I went to their website to get an update.
    I was happy to find that their statement of beliefs is actually very conservative and refutes neo-orthodoxy specifically. So what have I missed? Was there a time when Fuller was more liberal? Or does the statement of beliefs belie a different reality in their course content and faculty outlook?
    Thanks for blessing us all with provocative and heart-stirring discourse.

  51. R4 mania says:

    Very thanks……

  52. Antyradary says:

    Very well such free publications are available. Thanks.

  53. Anthony R. McMillian says:

    For the past 3 days I have been reviewing your site, and I must admit, I am really impress! I had been looking to attend a theological siminary school so that when I minister within my calling, I can “rightly divide the Word of truth!” I have started your apologetics course, but am really looking forward in recieving my bachelor in Theology. Now you have provided me with tools to achieve this goal. Tell me what I must do to start this particular program with you so stat I can get started! Please forward this information as soon as possible!

  54. uwem akpan says:

    iam applying for doctoral diploma in thd pls seme course proopectus

  55. Abel Suizo says:

    your work in the Lord will not be in vain.
    Thank you very much, and God bless you!

  56. ralph lauren says:

    nice views thanks

  57. nikepascher says:

    may be you are right!

  58. riocia78 says:

    Thanks a lot and God bless. This books will be really helpful for me

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