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Trinity  has evolved a method of assignments, which is given below. It may look simple, but that is not the reality, and the students have to work hard and on a regular basis if they have to meet the expectations of the Mentors.

  • Trinity  follows the open Textbook approach. This also means that the assignments are assessed on stricter criteria than in normal exams
  • As to what a “module” is, you should go to the subject listing of your diploma. The modules are listed there
  • The following is your assignment for each module:a. A summary of each Module in your own words. The minimum size should be 1000 words, but there is no maximum word-limit
    b. A thorough critique of the module where you highlight the significance as well as weaknesses of the Module. The critique can include topics such as the theology, language, style, communication, or any other aspect that you can critique
    c. Suggestion for improvement. You can suggest any kind of improvement or addition that would improve the material
    d. Explain the way in which the Module helped you or blessed you and also tell us how you would be able to use this information in your personal life and also in your ministry. 

  • The assignments should be sent in DOC, RTF, or HTML format. Almost all wordprocessors help you to save the document in the RTF format via the “Save As” menu.
  • Each assignment should be numbered and named the way it is numbered and named on the Trinity website. DO NOT try to substitute names and numbers as per your fancy. This will result in immediate rejection of your submission.
  • You should place your name and diploma name (such as BTh, ThD) on top of EACH assignment
  • If you are careless in observing the above two stipulations, your assignment will not be accepted
  • If you do not include all the points from a to d given above, your assignment will not be accepted
  • In other words, Trinity has zero tolerance for assignments that are not done according to protocol. Our aim is not to give you a degree, but rather to TRAIN you properly

A few additional points:

  • Self-mentored students can send 5 to 10 assignments at the start of their studies for reading, critique and feedback to you so that you can maximize your studies and assignments.
  • The rest of the assignments should be shown to your pastor or personal mentor.
  • All the assignments together should be sent to Trinity after you complete them
  • Trinity-mentored students can send 5 to 10 assignments at a time to your Mentors at Trinity






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  1. Shawn Wilkerson says:

    Ok so forgive me I’m new! I got as far as registering and now what do I need to do? I am seeking a Theology Degree with no prior college….How do I sign up for classes or modules? I’m anxious to start! Thank you,
    Shawn Wilkerson

  2. Justin Crosman says:

    I’m looking for the same.

  3. Justin Crosman says:

    Sorry I mean I’m looking to start classes. I’ve applied.

  4. Praise God for my studies in Trinity!
    It is a Life encouraging lessons…
    I pray that more people will be bless to this ministry.

  5. I will need a mentor to guide me. Will you please contact me and let me know when you approve my courses.

  6. I thank God for Trinity, I have recently begun my studies toward a doctorate degree. I have found that the information presented in just the opening introductory lessons to be intellectually eye opening; spiritually and theologically challenging. Let us pray for each other that our studies will help us to be the ‘defenders of the faith’ needed in these last days.

  7. Dare Samson says:

    I sincerely thank God for the life of Dr Philips who has been a source of encouragement to me and personal mentor, also the team members I really pray that the Grace of the Lord will continually abound in your life. I have just started my assignment for MBS, the topic Apologetics really bless my life and I have made up my mind to defend Faith all the days of my life. GOD BLESS YOU. Samson Nigera.

  8. Dimario D. Sullivan says:

    I ahve applied for the B.Min. How do i know that I ahve been accepted and how soon can I start?

  9. Israel Aponte says:

    God Blees you. my question to you is do you have a pastoral certification program,or urban ministry program? I do not have a college degree in fact I barely made it through high school,however that does not nagate the fact that I have been called to preach the gospel. you see, like Jona I have been running for many yrs.And as the saying go’s you can run but you can’t hide. I have a fairly good understanding of sripture.but I need all the preparation I can get if the Holy spirit is to Glorify himself in me. not that he NEEDS my help, but you know what I’m trying to say right? thak you for your time and may God continue to Bless you.

  10. Leroy C. Cain says:

    I am looking to start classes for my Master degree and really do not understand your format of requesting classes. I do not understand what classes are needed for my degree of chose. I can not possibly have to take twenty cousres to obtain a Master Degree.

  11. Leroy C. Cain says:

    I am looking to start classes for my Master degree and really do not understand your format of requesting classes. I do not understand what classes are needed for my degree of chose. I can not possibly have to take twenty cousres to obtain a Master Degree. Help me to chose classes please.

  12. gloria khoza says:

    i have registered as well i need to start with my degree ,what must i do to continue

  13. Maria Luna says:

    Ok, I have applied and now what do I do… I guess I’ll receive everything it by email….?

  14. BJC says:

    I’m taking on-line courses for my high school diploma, and I expect to be finished by the end of the year, can I still apply for seminary courses? I’m interested in learing more about the Bible and how to apply what I’ve learned to my everyday living, I just need a place to start. Please, give me something positive to go on. THANK YOU…….

  15. Robert McConkey says:

    I need to know, the actual cost of the registration fee, and and can you give a phone number that I can contact on the phone?

  16. Most of you have asked for info that is already available on this website. Kindly read before you ask.

    Dr. Johnson C. Philip
    Principal and Liaison for International Students

  17. Asghar Bashir says:

    please tell me how I have to start the classes online.

  18. Sabrina says:

    Hello I am trying to apply and get started with my courses so I can obtain a degree in theology I have been searching for a place like this for years! Can you please email me concerning this matter also I want to know about grading and if I get letters of completion when I complete each course thank you so much.

    Have a Blessed day!

  19. Pastor Bwembya Mulopa says:

    I just finished downloading the modules and just the a1 module on apologetics is spiritual, intellectual and suprebly theological and indeed the work and writing of God through Trinity Theology. Though I have problems in downloading the Handbook, Prayerfully am on the right path finishing my Bth. Thank you my God, Trinity Theology,my mentors Dr Philips and Dr.Saneesh Cherian.
    I cannot keep this wonderful gift to myself. I want to share with all about trinity Theology.

  20. Thanks,this is just what I have always asked for.i wish to continue just as expected.

  21. monday edward oghumu says:

    i have just submitted my application what is the next thing to do

  22. sharon says:

    i cannot down load my lessons i have downloaded all the zip files but the part i am to turn in every time i click on the link its brokem or wont show up for handbook /work book

  23. B.Samuel says:

    Thanks to Trinity. It is my prayer that many should be blessed through Trinity.

  24. Onesmus Kamwara says:

    I thank God for Trinity for providing this precious opportunity for me and others to be nourished and mentored into advocates of our Faith in Jesus Christ.
    As I begin my MTh work, I am very grateful to Trinity.
    May God bless Dr. Philip and the other blessed Trinity team.

  25. Onesmus Kamwara says:

    I thank God for Trinity for providing this precious and rare opportunity to me and others to be nurtured and mentored into advocates of our faith in Jesus Christ.

    As I begin my work in MTh, I am excited and very grateful.
    May God bless Dr.Philip and the other Trinity team.

  26. Pastor Carlos Vega says:

    Praise be to GOD, our Heavenly Father, for your guidance in all matters.
    I have downloaded all Course Modules for the MDIV program and compared them with the course outline provided. All is in order. I have started reading the first of many books required for said course and have already been enlighted.
    I lack the eloquence of words being a simple, humble servant of the LORD. I pray for guidence while obtaining a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.
    Thank you Trinty for your assistance in my quest for knowledge and the wisdom received.

  27. Kassahun Yirga says:

    God Bless You for the chance you gave to me. i am very pleased. by now i have downloaded all the documents freely given from Trinity and will start studying as soon as possible. By the way how do I send the assignments?Using which address?

  28. Ajibola Morenikeji says:

    I thank Dr.Phillips & his ‘team of honor’ for your efforts at imparting us.I have read several articles on this Website but Im sorry to say that I don’t know which one I am to review as my assignment.I’m very eager to cover grounds in good time.

  29. Anil Sinku says:

    Plz Sir, Guide me to how to start this BTH course.

  30. Great! I have finished downloading my modules, I have started reading them but how do I know when to start submitting assignments? I really don’t know whether all the modules are for my Masters program or just for a semester?

  31. ikenna elijah okoro says:

    I thang God for the trinity college vision and thanks to all the administratives.

  32. Chris says:

    i have applied for this course,how do i start and who is going to be my guide??

  33. Prekebena Eric Oyin says:

    I thank God for Trinity. i pray that God will give this Ministry the grace to do more

  34. Great, finish downloading my modules, i have started reading them but i do i know when to start submitting assignments, i really don”t know if the modules are for my master programme or just for a semester. I want to start on time. Thank you so much for surpport. God bless you.

  35. As a whole I say thank you for this opportunity of a Life time

  36. Jorgie Saguidec says:

    Yes, it is an opportunity for discipline and leadership. For God! Thank you!

  37. David Muruu Wa Muthong'a says:

    Am waiting for admission into Master of Theology degree course. Am encouraged by what is written by those already taking Trinity courses. I can’t wait to start.

  38. David Muruu Wa Muthong'a says:

    Sorry, I mean Masters in Theology NOT Master of Theology.

  39. Akinyele,Nigeria says:


  40. Steven Mose Gisemba says:

    Dear servants of God.
    I have finished the downloading of the teachings of MTH.I’m now requesting for guidance and direction as for the next step to take.Thank you and may our Almighty father bless Dr.Phillip,Cherian and the Trinity team.

  41. Richard Rambeka Okemwa says:

    To my mentors and the Trinity team in General,
    I thank God for His care to each one of us.I also thank Trinity for offering an opportunity to learn on how I can serve my God and generation.It has helped particularly the apologetic teachings; in defending the faith once delivered to saints.I have finished downloading the teachings and now I’m requesting for guidance on what to do next.

  42. Blessing Mazodze says:

    Praise God, I have downloaded my modules for the MDiv course, am already working on my assignments, God only knows how grateful I am, I just wanted to find out the deadline for the first set of assignments

    Stay blessed and may God continue to bless and empower you as you equip the Body of Christ for the Work of Christ

  43. Linda Kazingmei says:

    I am undergoing M.Div, and I will be completing it on February 2012 . Can I enroll for M.Th. now. I’ve completed graduation in Secular studies. I also wanted to know whether a certificate will be issued on completion of the course. Thank you.

  44. S.K.Takyi says:

    the lessons on MBs are really challenging. though i have done some studies on apologetic, the write up on the course work is more detailed and mind opening. i am only waiting for the result to see how i understood the course work,God bless the team of lecturers

  45. Eric Samaniego says:

    how do i enroll in a course or module,

  46. Joao Cavalcanti says:

    Dear Dr. Philip,
    I would like to complete my application to the Trinity School of theology but I haven’t received no further information. I looked into the site but with no results. Please advise me on what should I do from here.
    Thank you.

  47. Mr. Cliff Ball says:

    My name is Cliff. I am a theology student and have achived three credits towards my B.Th.
    I would like to encourage my fellow students to relax; not to panic and take your time and prepare for this opportunity.Post secondaru school is something which very few persons have a chance to attempt and even fewer succeed at. it has been my expensive experience that University is great, but it must be respected as a priority and not something to put off as a last minute assignment. please make your studies a priority, as you would a full time job and the LORD will bless you.

  48. I need a mentor also

  49. I have just completed my first book. I am looking forward to the next. I have learned so much already. I thank God and Trinity Theology for this opportunity.

  50. I have finally gotten myself straightened out. The handbook answers a lot and I finally found where to search for information.

  51. EDWIN DOERR says:


    ED DOERR 478-847-4228

  52. Mnedisi Eric Brotherstuff Staffa says:

    I have received and dowloaded my study material, but I’m strugling to download the handbook. Can anyone please assist me with tips on downloading the handook.

  53. Presently I am busy doing my Masters in Biblical Studies. My Mentor Dr. Johnson C. Philip has brought me to place as to what St. Paul said to Timothy in: 2 Timothy 2:15-16 “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.”
    My studies has illuminated me to be “WORD Centered”

    Thank you very much Dr. Johnson C. Philip for all the materials and books you have published. Through this website I even download the WORD Bible softwares and the e-SWORD Bible Modules. All the materials that I am using is a Blessing not only to me but also to those I interact with.
    God Bless you, Sir

    Rev. Krishnan Kistensamy
    Student Number: MBS0010010011F
    South Africa

  54. thank you will keep checking in here

  55. Grey Yates says:

    Can a non Trinitarian Unitarian / Arian enroll and complete their degree without compromising their personal view on the Godhead.

  56. Warren Alimamy Kargbo says:

    thanks for your guide. with out TGSAT it would have been difficult for me to pursue a course like this. I know after this course I will be able to preach the word of God

  57. Kochi_Admin_2013 says:

    That box has been removed

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