Ziwei Wu, China

As a preacher of the local and a future teacher in our theological provincial training center, I feel I need a chance to study that can broaden my vision and deepen commitment for His service. I prayed to God, equip me in His own way please. I have got the highest theological degree in China mainland, that is Master of Theology from Nanjing Union Theological Seminary.

I know I can’t pay for any further study abroad, at the same time neither can I leave my local church, but in my faith I know my Lord also likes to equip me for the coming service in His Kingdom. So one day, in a praying spirit I typed “free Bible School” in google.com, thus I found Trinity. I soon read some of their sample text materials, then my inner feeling or my spirit told me, “this is it”. I am so excited enjoying all the free materials and lessons on this website. Actually that day I named it a day of God, because I got what was in my vision, and exactly what I need for preparation of my future service.

I am one the youth group leaders of our church, I found that the material of Trinity help me a lot in teaching my young men and women. Some of them are high school students, some of them are university students, some of them just graduated and got a job. I found Trinity material can help young people who have been well educated, who adore science and reason.

I recommend Trinity School to all my Christian friends because I know it can help them to explain their faith more clearly in a more powerful way to the ones who are honestly seeking truth.

I translated two free lessons of Trinity School into Chinese, they are Does God Exist and Bible and Science. The Chinese version has been proved to be quite sharp to cut off the pride of well-educated people in my family who are communist party members and to my friends who never think of a God.

Ziwei Wu
MRE Student from mainland China

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  1. daniel zuniga says:

    congrat..!brother in christ morew blessing come to you and god in you….

  2. Ma Zhao Sheng says:

    Praise the LORD! Congratulation Brother. Keep up the good work in serving our Heavenly Father. May be I can meet up with you when come back to China again in the future.

  3. serenity says:

    It was really an inspiring moment when I found this website which provids free Christian online courses.I have worked for more than ten years, but there is something missing in my secular life, which originally should have been the most important.That is understanding and practicing of religious life.I definitely believe those courese will benifit me and later my students a lot, in helping us to find the true selfbeing which God created us to be and explore the essence of this universe.
    How can I contact you brother? We both are in Mainland.Hope to get some references from you.
    Thanks God.

  4. Kebei says:

    We thank God for Trinity my beloved brother

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